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Don't Get Cut
Aug 21, 2018
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Yes, I have the image of Shannon paddling the ball to the boundary etched in to my brain.

..............alongside the memory of him getting rag dolled by opposition forwards in one on one contests.
How many times did we play him and Spud as "key position defenders" against Brown and Bradshaw?

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I never voted for trumppy!
Mar 31, 2016
Deep South
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Anyone remember rd. 1 2001 ?

We had injuries and played a young side v all-conquering *scum MCG night game.
Watt at on stage leapt up in front of Lloyd who grabbed the neck of his jumper from behind, pulled him down backwards and caused him to smash his head on the ground. He lost consciousness and had a seizure Punt rd. end fwd. pocket.

Alot of admiration for Shannon post that and nothing but hatred for *Lloyd.
I was about to post this exact story. I recall it exactly as you described it. Sickening.

And Lloyd showed zero respect or concern.

And if I recall that might have been the same game where Michael Long had a couple of frees or marks about 40m out. He stalls till Lloyd is standing along side then fakes cramps to let Lloyd take the set shots, which of course he nailed. fu**in' cheats. Scum.

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