Player Watch Trent Bianco

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Aug 20, 2009
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He is the one that really could play very early, has all the attributes of a senior player already, as I said it was a good draft for us
What's Trey's tank like? He's built like a kid who will have to do a bit of work on his tank in order to be AFL relevant.

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Oct 18, 2009
Mornington Peninsula
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~TheScout~ thoughts:

How he got to Collingwood defies everything I understand about talent.
The club that I work for had him inside the top 20 and we desperately tried to get back into the draft to access him.

I saw him rack up 40+ v SA and he is every bit a top-end talent.
The only query is size (he's just shy of 180).

Absolute steal. Rapt that he's a pie.


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Nov 26, 2013
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He's alright. Not a speedster, probably about average I'd say. It's not a deficiency on the way he plays though. He's about a 3.09 20m sprint, and that can come down to close to three-flat with some work (a lot of players can do it over time, Noah Anderson went from 3.13 to 3.03 this year with coaching). But it's not a priority.

What fans will love is his ball use. Elite ball user and not one-sided dominant at that. Can use either foot.
That's the real key that makes a player look like they have more time and space (and look quicker) - it's much easier to make quick, correct decisions with your movement and with ball in hand when there are no limitations on where you can go with your disposal.

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Jul 16, 2006
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The Scouts next post is very interesting. Saying that the Rantall and Bianco situation had a bit of Thomas and pendlebury feel about it. Pies rated Pendles before Thomas but knew he’d be gone. Same with Rantall and Bianco.

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