Player Watch Trent Cotchin - Elite

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Sep 6, 2017
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I mean it depends on what you are judging i spose? Hodge was a really nice, beautiful, reliable kick. Strong and long handball, good in the air, reads the game better than just about anyone i have seen. I feel how highly his leadership was rated actually took away from how talented he was seen to be.

Also not really my point. All i have heard for the past couple months is players like Dusty and Cotchin are elite because of what they do in the 'big games'. I have heard time and time again that the 2 norm smith medals for Dusty has him rated higher than just about any current player. Using that same logic Hodge has to be well ahead of Cotchin.
I’m sorry you seem to be taking football talk seriously as if you can apply equal logic to every supporter and have that apply to all other supporters. All I’m saying is Hodge is also elite.

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Joey longshadow

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Oct 23, 2015
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Well you could, look at Woewodin (although I've always thought he deserved his Brownlow, he had an amazing year).

As a player I'd say Cotchin was elite (he's still very good), but now he's elite as a leader. Which has become almost more important.
Yeah...i think this is a pretty fair statement

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