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One thing I will say about Nisbett is having a few friends working inside the club, internally he is rated massively.

One of his strongest traits is that he is very down to earth for a high level executive and has a lot of time for all of the staff.

CEOs often have a short tenure so he is obviously doing a lot right
Be that as it may.

Having worked in the Corporate World for over 30 years, at various levels , its my observation and opinion that the most dynamic and successful organisations have a CEO who's tenure lasts no more 6-8 years.

The better organisations IMO have a succession plan that is unfolded in the last two years to 18 months of a CEO's tenure.

The one common denominator that all Great Organisation share is that they have a strong, stable , unified and clear visioned Board.

A CEO should reflect and be in step with the Board , he or she is the Boards Foot Soldier and Action Agent.

Every CEO has different strengths and weaknesses and its imperative that new fresh ideas come through the door every couple of years , be that bringing in vibrant underlings or appointing a new CEO every 6-8 years ( preferably both ).
Organisations just like people get stale if they are not challenged , extended and developed and if this is not part of the organisations organic growth, then they lose some of their potential effectiveness.

West Coast have a ideal hand over period in that Trevor can finish off the project of overseeing the completion on the new facilities that will be our HQ.
But a new set of eyes and ears are needed to take the Club forward.
These two things can be done simultaneously.

The Club should be about Worlds Best Practices and a Search for Excellence in leadership, governance and strategic planning.
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