Banter TRTT Part 12: Get Your Bowels Checked

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Crocodile Dumbdee

Senior List
Mar 11, 2021
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
My Flesh and Blood. Seeing this boy live at the Thebby Adelaide. We are 2 rows from the front. I'm deaf anyway. I know you all hate Jimmy but he's put on amazing concerts

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5 Wins-in-a-row Certificate ‘13, ‘14, ‘18, ‘20
Mar 9, 2003
Queen St & Peter Rd
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
I enjoyed RD2 only issue I had was the story was already set in stone... Nothing I did really changed anything.
On replay I made sure not to progress the main story too far (I stayed on Horseshoe Overlook for ages) and to enjoy the wider exploration and side missions of the world. The hunting. The archaeology stuff. The treasure map stuff.

Everything after freeing Micah got progressively terrible, and you’re right, felt way too linear for open world.

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