Banter TRTT Part 12: Get Your Bowels Checked

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Apr 27, 2008
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Reeks of dust, utes 'n bogan
No utes anymore pal for anyone under 35. They're a rare sight. It's twin cabs and 4x4 these days, Ford Ranger and Toyota Landcruiser far as the eye can see.

No Mossy either in that demographic.

Most of the crowd will be well to do millionaire Gen X and Boomers. The Barnsey concert looked more like council meeting with the OHS supervisors of local worksites and scrutinising development applications.

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Grave Danger

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Jun 6, 2000
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Was walking past a bloke in heated convo on his mobile this morning - real spivvy looking bastard he was, I was wondering if he was arguing the finer points of some deal, or arranging the eviction of a hapless tenant, but as I went past he's "Mum!...Mum!!...don't farken piss me off alright, I said it'll be done by this Friday..."

I wonder if he realises what day it is today.

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