Radio Trying to listen to Footy via AFL app/website - issues!

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1/. On my iPhone and Desktop I can listen to it, but on all stations the broadcast is breaking up.

2/. On my iPad there is a 'Listen Live' button on the AFL app, but it does nothing.

Anyone else having issues?

You are not alone.

On iPad app, sound when it's there is breaking up & then will drop out after about 30sec until you pick a different station

Typical AFL IT hopelessness! :mad:
Happening on a PC as well. It's like all streams playing simultaneously. but glitching each other.
Hocking too busy making up new shiny rules rather than look after core business.


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Yep all fine for me now too on iPhone and desktop. Still can't work out how to get the radio broadcasts on AFL app on the iPad though. :huh:

For me it's tap on the score bar that's in white up the top when you first open the app but do it well to the side of the green Kayo. When it opens the next screen after a few seconds the listen live icon appears below & to the right of the green gameclock.
Can I still listen to the ABC broadcast streaming somewhere? Last year there were buttons you could click on to access the stream but they’ve disappeared
Anyone have any ideas why afl trade radio won't automatically switch from wifi to mobile data?

I've got the switch selected in advanced wifi settings, and Spotify switches seamlessly.

I have to let it drop, then close it, and reopen.

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