MRP / Trib. Tuesday August 10th Triple Tribunal - Greene, Redman, Brahshaw from 5PM EST Updates in OP

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 16, 2015
Inside 50
AFL Club
Other Teams
Claremont Tigers
haha, this league is so broken.

There couldn't possibly be anyone left who would regard the AFL as nothing more than a wealthy circus run by incompetent morons.


All Australian
Aug 27, 2014
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Redman report was a joke. The problem with tackling Dogs players is they use a technique where once they know they are pinned HTB they are very deceptive at turning it into a free kick in their favor - drop the legs and try to milk a high free kick or fall forwards to get an in the back. It's why they have such a high free kick differential. Experts at turning holding the ball into a dangerous tackle / in the back / round the neck. See it multiple times per week.

Not sure what Redman is meant to do, one moment bont is taking him on standing firm, then once he has realised he's had it a bit too long he turns into a ragdoll.

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