TV Rights (EPL, CL and EL on Optus. League Cup on BeINSports. FA Cup on ESPN)


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Do you have chromecast / apple tv? If so easier to get it on the tv that way.
No I haven’t as yet, I was hoping by getting a smart TV I wouldn’t need to have these additional devices. But will look into it now.

Yes that’s what confused the hell out of me a few days ago. Before signing up, I’d read this page and it made reference to needing an Android TV to be able to download the app (which I thought I had, it’s a fairly recent TV).

Pretty sure they don’t have TV apps yet. Looking at the website, the link doesn’t work, and they are perhaps unclear by listing iOS and TV, when it should say iOS and tvOS - which means via iPad, iPhone or Apple TV 4 or 4K.

To clarify, the available list is Mac, PC or Laptop via main browsers, Apple TV 4 or above, Telstra TV, Chromecast 3 or above (lower Chromecast are capped at 720p, AirPlay from iOS devices to an Apple TV, or android players like nVidea Shield.

I believe an Android TV app can be side loaded to Sony TVs or other Android boxes, but I’m not proficient in that area
Thank you, yes was certainly confused by the jargon. I thought it meant it had a dedicated TV app (like Foxtel does with Foxtel Play).

Anyway, I can play around with other ideas in the meantime, as surely they’d be currently developing an app for the TV itself.

Appreciate your help, thanks gents.

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