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Feb 26, 2009
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Gday. Mitch's brother here. Couldn't be up there unfortunately so I'm doing a viewing party on stream @ 7PM if you wanna hang. NOTE: I won't be showing the actual football on screen. Doing some drinking games and give aways.

Delete this if not allowed mods.

Predicting lions by 50.

Drinking Game:
Mitch Rob gets a possession: Drink
Mitch Rob gets a tackle: Drink
Mitch Rob kicks a behind: Skull a drink
Mitch Rob kicks a goal: $20 give away + shoey

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Aug 13, 2001
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Gday gday! I lurk :)

Huge year. I’m not used to watching Mitch win games of football. It’s a good change!
He'll be important tonight. He played a great game in the finals many years ago against the Eagles. Very nearly dragged a far inferior side over the line that night.

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