Review Two goals in a derby, it's over - Rd 16, 2019

Lord Laud

Aug 16, 2015
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Yep. The ownership structure of the WA clubs gives members the least power of all clubs. So I didn't buy the members of the eagles have any influence over how well they are run (brilliant and ruthless I agree).
The big advantage the eagles have is the extra corporate and media support - that sets up a structure of excellence begetting excellence that we can't match. The ignorant f***ers supporting them are manipulated corporate fodder, it's laughable that they think that they matter
I understand the point, but the statement is not correct. The members have complete control over the running of the FFC and WCE. The problem is that you and I are not members of the body corporate, we are ticket holders. In WA, the AFL teams are controlled by the WAFC as licence holder. The WAFC is controlled by long time WCE supporters.

There are other clubs in the AFL that ticket holders have no say, such as GCS and GWS. Pretty sure those licences are held by the AFL. Then there are the Victorian foundation clubs where the members/ticketholders are the same thing.

What is unique is that FFC ticket holders can elect 2 directors. WCE don't get a say in their board. Not that it makes much difference when FFC is stacked with ex players nominees to cut out the great unwashed from having a real go.

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Aug 8, 2013
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Lordy lord. The rebellion is over before it really got started. It looks like there will be no public voice as usual. It's good really because it's about us and the players. I'd love to hear from one of our players. Hit base as it were.


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Feb 11, 2019
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May 3, 2007
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Their reasoning needs a lot of work, but you can’t say freo supporters don’t question playing in Darwin too.
Me personally, I dont mind it provided its on a saturday night and early in the season.

Some times travelling to NT is better than the GABBA or SCG when it comes to miles travelled


purple haze
Mar 2, 2007
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Some times travelling to NT is better than the GABBA or SCG when it comes to miles travelled
It's never better than getting extra exposure to the MCG though, which is usually the alternative we miss out on.

Same with our annual Tassie trip.
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