Two year old girl left with severe brain damage

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Jun 22, 2008
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Paywalled. 😢
Robinvale dad gave two-year-old daughter brain injury from beating

A Robinvale father viciously beat his two-year-old daughter so severely she was left with brain damage, a court has heard.
The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to charges of recklessly causing injury, possessing methamphetamine and cannabis in Mildura’s County Court last week.

The court heard his daughter will require lifelong care following the brutal attack.

The mother of the victim had organised for the Robinvale father to go to her home in regional Victoria to care for their daughter because she needed support.

The mother later told police her daughter was healthy when she left him with her father.

The court heard the man was using methamphetamine and cannabis while caring for his daughter and the child would stay in another room while he was coming off drugs.

After a week with the man the child stopped responding to him. She wouldn’t eat or smile at him, the court heard.

Eventually this made the father angry.

The man messaged his partner, telling her his daughter was: “Not like me, she is stupid dumb, not like (my) kids … it‘s dead weight like she is a kid from the down the road.”

The man also sent another message to his partner, telling her he was going to give the child back and go to Melbourne because he was concerned his mental state would lead to him hurting someone.

The man texted his partner: “This kid is f---ing pissn (sic) me off … been hear (sic) last f---ing 30 minutes trying bro get this dumb filial kid to spit the food out her mouth won‘t eat the c--- but will fill her poxy mouth n hold it in there for hours … makes me f---ing sik (sic) … she is a stupid f---ing kid mate … the dumb c--- happy with every other dog but me … I feel like flog (sic) the sh*t out of the c--- ai (sic) give her a reason to do this to me.”

About two days later the man was seen yelling at his daughter and pushed her on to a chair.

On another day a relative walked into the man’s bedroom and saw the child lying on the bed screaming while the father sat at the edge of the bed.

The child was lying on her back with her hands clenched to her chest, “stiff as a board with her mouth open and tongue going in and out. Her eyes were half open with only the white part of her eyes visible”.

The relative told the man to take her to the hospital but the father said: “I don‘t give a f--- mate. I don‘t get paid until Friday. Look at the ******.”

When the relative insisted, the man told him to “f--- off”.

He then became violent and started screaming.

The relative locked himself in his room and called another relative for help.

When they arrived he found the child lying on his bed unresponsive.

Her eyes were open, but not moving. Her skin was dark around her eyes and she seemed pale in other areas of her face.

Later that day the man texted his father that “I f---ing flogged this c--- couple days ago dad. Wasn‘t in control of myself I hurt him (sic) bad dad just needed to talk to my father.”

The child was not taken to hospital until the next day by the relatives.

She was only able to respond by slightly squeezing her hand.

Bruises were found on her chest, neck and legs and there was blood on her face and cuts on her.

The toddler was unresponsive when she arrived at emergency. Doctors had to perform CPR for several minutes before placing her on a ventilator.

A forensic paediatrician found the child had extensive skin injuries, including widespread bruising over most of her body.

She also had multiple abrasions and a large injury to her chin, ulceration of the inner surface of the lips and a widespread brain injury.

She had swelling, spinal subdural haemorrhage and a likely injury to her upper cervical spine and the base of the spine, bilateral multi-layered retinal haemorrhages, multiple liver lacerations, fractures to her ribs, bone injury, dental issues requiring extraction of teeth, head lice, anaemia, severe vitamin D deficiency and an iron deficiency.

The man was arrested that same day.

The child is likely to have long-term impairments relating to the severity of her brain injury.

Judge David Sexton suppressed the names of the victim and her mother and adjourned the court to a date to be fixed for sentence.

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skimmed through as I can't read stories like this

it is too frustrating to fathom.

many parents get to the point they want to hurt a child, it is completely natural given the sleep deprivation, post natal depression, the lack of support and the repetitive nature.

but at the same time, how hard is it to walk out of the house for a "reset" and perhaps even call emergency services for help? There are short term and long term solutions...............use them!
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