Toast Tyson Goldsack - Hung Up His Boots, (27/8)

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The Sherriff

How good are finals?
Jun 4, 2009
AFL Club
Who's that in my profile pic getting excited for the Grand Final? The man himself.

My great non-footy memory of The Sack is live-tweeting with him and some other randoms on the night that Cadel Evans won the TDF.

I too hope in some form he is part of our campaign. He is the soul of the playing group along with Dunny.

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Aug 10, 2015
AFL Club
With Tyson moving on to pastures retirement, his jumper number 6 becomes available.

It’s a number of some distinction over the years.

Who shall gain it for next season?

Current candidates could include, Isaac Quaynor, Brody Mihocek if he wanted a lower number.

Tom Wilson perhaps?

John Noble?

Max Lynch?

Maybe a new entrant from another club.

(The jumper is still warm, and already it’s being eyed no doubt....)


Jan 13, 2012
AFL Club
Other Teams
After watching Goldsack's retirement speech, I hope he gets to play in the finals. He came across as a fine team man and a top bloke. He will be missed around the club.

Got to Play Junior Footy with him. The whole family are a top family. Thanks for the the $5 investment on First Goalscorer in the 2010 GF Replay.


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 4, 2016
AFL Club
Great article and well worth the read.



Norm Smith Medallist
May 29, 2008
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SS Lazio
An underrated player by fans and the sporting public, and, perhaps even by himself.

He was reliable, a good physical specimen (tall, agile, quick) and he also had a never-give-up attitude that permeated throughout the playing group with his efforts.

I'll miss him.

60 Yards Out

Club Legend
Dec 7, 2016
AFL Club
My favourite Goldy moment was from the Fremantle game about halfway through 2017 when he hurt his shoulder, was in agony moving his arm, but played on because he was needed. Kept contesting for marks, tackling and fighting in ground contests -- all with one arm hanging useless at his side. It was a case of pure intent. At one stage he was put in the goal square to provide a contest as best he could, found himself in a groundball contest with two Dockers and damned near beat them -- the ball was rushed through, but he was desperately unlucky not to have kicked a miracle goal. That was a very close game and I think we just got over the line -- inspired by Goldy's example.
It was an incredibly courageous performance -- said everything that needs to be said about his whole career.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 20, 2009
AFL Club
Heart and soul player. Loved his intensity, but at the same time a touch disappointing, because I view him as one of a few young blokes from 2010 who just didn't really kick on like we all hoped they would.

Timmy from Thomastown

May 25, 2006
AFL Club
You could argue his best year was his first - 2007. Unusual that. Rising star nominee. Very good in the extra time semi final in Perth. Should have played in the GF 2011. Heroic in the 2018 finals 6 months off an ACL playing under-sized.
Should have also played the 2010 first GF. Malthouse didnt rate him.

His best season was definitely 2017.

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Club Legend
May 14, 2011
AFL Club
Always loved this man. One of the first picked every week if I was coach. I'll miss you, Goldy. Thanks for your passion and courage.
Sums it up for me. Brought an intensity to the game when he first started that made him stand out and was a few years ahead of the times. I was never a fan of moving him forward, would rather we left him as half back where he played his best footy and could have become the experienced key. I think we played him forward because of our lack rather than his best position. Whatever, glad to see he is still playing.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 21, 2018
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Suns, Melb Stars

In an interview with The Advertiser with the image of Russell Ebert looming over his shoulder, Goldsack said he was well aware of Port Adelaide’s history.

But the 193cm defender did not feel extra pressure in a leadership role with the Magpies in one of the club’s most important years to date.

“The club is 150 years old now, to pull on the guernsey will be an honour,” Goldsack said.

“It should be seen like that and I think it’s earnt the right to be like that.

“Coming across I knew about the rich history and the chance to be a part of that and hopefully add to that history would be pretty special.

“There could be added pressure, perhaps, but I think being a leader or a senior member of a club, if you’re not aiming to be the best you shouldn’t be there.

“Whether it’s the 10th year of a club or the 150th, the pressure should be the same.”

Goldsack believed he still had plenty to offer on the field, despite stepping away from the AFL.

He said he and wife Chelsea, who is from Adelaide, decided “about two years ago” they would move to SA when his time at Collingwood was up, along with daughters Harriet, 2, and Cleo, five months.

Now his focus is on developing his coaching career along with eyeing success in the SANFL.

“I’ll be out there not just to take part but to win,” said Goldsack, who hoped to work his way through the AFL coaching ranks.

“The Magpies have come really close to winning one the last couple of years but haven’t won it since the Power have been around.

“Maybe we’ll save it up for the 150th and go about our business next year with that in mind.”


Premiership Player
Jun 10, 2014
AFL Club
One of the easiest players to love. Favourite memory apart from the goal was him running around in WA with his shoulder hanging out. Was always about the team. Rare player also in I reckon he is one of very few who hit top pace when chasing a player not the ball
Chased players harder than a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck.

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