Champs Lg UEFA Champions League 2023/24 (Winners: Real Madrid)

Champions League

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“Jamie Carragher has been in The Yellow Wall, apparently he's going to become a season ticket holder and might not even return to England.”

You promise?
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Absolutely amazing result in Paris tonight! Dortmund defended like lions. Frame of the goals probably need a new coat of paint the amount of times PSG hit it.

Funny old game. Sat and watched Rangers belt Dortmund in the Europa League 2 years ago, and here they are knocking PSG out in a UCL semi-final.

Might end up a replay of the 2013 UCL final which was also at Wembley. Think Real Madrid will get through, but I'm desperate for BVB to win it.
Puuuh the post about Sancho was tongue in cheek - but we’re actually in the ****ing final.

Name is in the ballot for away end tickets. May as well go win the thing now.
Dortmund crazy luck. Psg hit the bar/post like 5 or 6 times over the 2 games for 0 goals, even when deflected off inside of post and bar didn't go in
Doesn’t show on the stats sheet. All that it shows is 2-0 on aggregate. Sometimes you get luck. Bayern had theirs in the 2013 UCL final

Champs Lg UEFA Champions League 2023/24 (Winners: Real Madrid)

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