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Mar 2, 2013
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They owe it to fans after not getting a replacement for rob dropping out and still having the crowd packed. It’s a joke the way they treat Aussie fans who have given them there biggest crowd and arguably the best moment in mma history Ronda getting ko’d

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Mar 22, 2017
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Missed the Volk fight, the main reason why I got the card. Knew it was a risk purchasing it and watching so late. As soon as it appeared on Main event I saw him and it was apparent he won. The fight had already finished and he was just breathing, the camera not on him cos he lost. Good on him anyway, I'll watch it later.

Loved the other two fights after it though. Silva just got caught hard in the right place. It happens. His legs have been softened before anyway with Weidemen. Main event was a ripper, I thought the champ looked great and was flogging her. Her hands were low at times but she destroyed her with the jab. Felt for her with that audacious slam as after seeing her in the build up she's a nice person. Glad she beat that other mole twice over before. Good on the Brazilian girl too, that raw emotion at the end was beautiful. You could see how much it meant to her.

Good stuff.

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