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All Australian
Oct 4, 2016
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Port Adelaide
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LA Lakers, Anaheim Ducks, LA Rams
English translated into Chinese and Portugese then Portugese translated into English and Chinese

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Guy Threepwood

Premiership Player
Jul 24, 2009
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Phoenix Suns, Sunderland
if that’s true that really sucks.

she was piecing andrade before that slam.

perhaps my favourite fighter.
I remember reading something like that not long after the Andrade fight, but can't remember if it came from her or not. She's had her issues in the past and had a tough upbringing, so I hope whatever she decides to do makes her happy.

In saying that, it would be a waste if she hung them up. Her improvements since entering the UFC have been incredible and at her age she still had/has plenty of scope to get better.

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