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Aug 6, 2010
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I think eye pokes need to be judged more like that to be honest. It's not just because Costa is a fu**. To stop a lot of that feeling distance because it will and has ruined a lot of fights

Must say, apart from the Israel fight, Costa has always been a super fun fighter to watch

Also Bisping, One fighter did have to cut weight
100% if it’s a clear cut one like that a point should be taken.

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Hall of Famer
Aug 27, 2014
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Other Teams
there are no other teams worthy
Sounds like I missed a fun fight. How was the rest of the card?
Do not know. Just watched the main fight via replay on Kayo a few hours ago.
Not really been following lead up but sounds like a farce was Costa being he usual dickhead self.
Never got even close to fighting at correct weight.
Was 102 kilograms in today's fight. I think he meant to be around 84 kg's if want to fight in his normal weight division. Kidding himself. Should be made to fight around weight he was today if he finds it too hard to get down to what division he wants to be in. Maybe he scared of fighting with other guys around his normal weight.
Was fun fight to watch but the man himself is a ******* idiot.


Norm Smith Medallist
May 3, 2007
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Worth watching.
It was for sure. Pretty much all enjoyable fights and the main event was almost best case scenario of that fight on paper.

Can't help but respect Vettori. He's a fair few steps below Izzy, and probably Rob as well (could be an option if Rob loses the title fight), but he's tough as hell and a huge problem for the rest of the division.

Should be interesting to see how Costa goes at LHW. His short reach doesn't scream great results, but I think he can still take out a lot of the division.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 1, 2006
AFL Club
Just watched the replay.

Couldn't believe that when Bisping asked Vetorri about Costa's weight, he called him a c**t and they didn't bleep it out :D
Yeah fighters swear all the time but not often say "campaigner", though I think Izzy referred to Whittaker as one after the Vettori fight (Oceania tolerate the world a bit more)

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