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2014 information below

No spots remaining!

After the success of last year, we're bringing back a BigFooty Bulldogs Ultimate Footy league - but this time as a Keeper League!

What this means just like the real AFL, you keep your list from year to year - after the initial draft which is this year, next year all newly listed players, plus existing free agents, get put together in a pool just like the real AFL draft!

We'll have 16 teams this year, with lists of 35 players each - that means that only a very few of actual AFL listed players will be Free Agents. It will also test your AFL knowledge, as the draft runs very deep - how well do know the fringe players from other clubs?

Of the remaining 15 spots, we'll keep 11 of them reserved for the players of last season for a week - but the other 4 spots are up for grabs! Mention your interest in this thread, and if you're an existing player confirm your participation

To join, simply head to ultimatefooty.com.au, create and account, then join a custom league. Filter custom leagues by Category-based scoring, online draft,
Username: BF Bulldogs
Password: pruddenisgod

threenewpadlocks - Hot Stuff
Dannnnnnnnnn - Casted Dispersions
StringyDog - The Stringy Dogs
Nath09 - The Moral Victories
Unknown Caller - Deft Touch
Sharkey66 - Sharkey's Mutts
Dogs_r_barking - Dogs-r-barking
GoDoggies - Myrtle Beach Merman
Dav1d - Eels with Guns
doggies ftw - Magic Merlins
hot dogs - Hot Dogs
grassman75 - Stringer Ding Ding
X_box_X - Leg Press King
boydsno1 - Carlitos Burritos
BrunoC34 - Hard 2 Beat
JAMES_B_101 - Avengers 2.0


2015 information below:

Returning for 2015!

All participants who partook in 2014 have two weeks to confirm their registration.
After that anybody who wants to fill in the spots of those who are not playing again can register their interest.
After that there will be a "trade week" where draft picks players can be traded.
After that (roughly three weeks before the start of the season) the draft will commence

Scoring/player rules
Please see within the spoiler above, as this carries over

Drafting rules:
Minimum of 3 delistings (including retirements) from 2014 list. Draft will be normal reverse ladder order from last year. All delisted, non-listed (FA) and new draftee players will be eligible for this draft. Please make your delistings before the commencement of trade week.

Confirmed trades:
BRWB gets pick 16, Lycett
Stringydog gets Newnes

Stringydog gets Zorko
BenF gets Horlin-Smith, Gibbs

BRWB gets McGlynn
BenF gets pick 13, Savage, B. Reid

Sharkey66 gets Derickx
BRWB gets Hannath

Dannnnnnnnnn gives: Jack Ziebell, Dom Tyson
Dan receives: Matthew Lobbe
JAMES_B_101 gives: Matthew Lobbe, pick 27
James receives: Jarrod Witts, pick 20, Adam Kennedy
hot dogs gives: Jarrod Witts, pick 20, Adam Kennedy
hot dogs receives: Jack Ziebell, Dom Tyson, pick 27

Ben F receives: Taylor Adams
James_B_101 receives: Marley Williams and pick 17

James_B_101 gets Billy Longer
threenewpadlocks gets Ryan Lester, Pick 17

Hot Dogs gets: P16, 61, 93
BRWB gets: P27, 36, 52

threenewpadlocks gets: Lachie Henderson, Pick 45
BRWB gets: Taylor Hunt, Pick 17

2016 info below


Two weeks!
All those who had a team in 2015 will have two weeks to confirm their entries. I'll tag them here, and after a week without conversation I'll message them. After that, anybody who wants to take over a team can register their interest.

Sign up below:

The above link is to sign up for the new season. There's no password or anything, so I trust only those who had a team in 2015 will sign up.
Post your 2015 UF team name (available in the original post of this thread), BF username, and your 2016 UF username if will change in this thread so I can confirm your participation and link your 2016 team to the 2015 team where you will be able to see who is on your team list

Trading and drafting
Draft order will appear later in this post. It's reverse ladder order for non-finals teams, and the reverse finals position for finals teams.

You have to delist three players from your 2015 squad (not trade them out to another team, but actually put them back into the player pool), and you have to take at least three selections in the draft - you have to do both of these things. In other words, if you delist three players, then trade a pick for a player and only have two free list spots, that's a no-no. Delisting is done through the UF website - in the "Nominate Keepers" section. Basically you tick a checkbox for the players that you don't want to delist. Your 3 delistings can include players that you are forced to delist if they are no longer on an AFL list through AFL delisting or retirement.

Draft will commence at some point in early to mid March. Draft will be a "slow" draft - online, but with multiple hours to make the pick. Do the right thing, don't take forever to make your pick. The amount of time per pick will decrease as the draft goes on. The draft includes all players not on an UF list at the end of 2015, all delisted players, and all players not on an AFL list in 2015 (so players from the AFL NAB draft) together in the one draft.

Trading can commence as soon as every participant has delisted at least 3 players, and will finish until, 24 hours before the draft. You can still delist players after people have begun trading. You can trade out picks, players, to pick for pick swaps, etc whatever you desire.

If you have a suspended Essendon player, tough luck. There was always a risk and in a way it's no different to a player with a season ending injury.
You can trade them, delist them or choose to keep them on your list - and they still take up a list spot.

Top-ups are like any other player for the purposes of his keeper league, even if we know players like Kelly, Jamar etc. are only going to play the one year.

Essendon are allowed to nominate top ups until March 15. If a player you were forced to delist because they are no longer on an AFL list, then becomes an Essendon top up, you're allowed to reclaim them even if other trading had commenced etc - but you still have to adhere to the "3 delistings" rule.

Other rules
Scoring - Category league, same as previous years, see OP
Players/team list size - same as previous years, see OP

There will be some changes to lockout times/emergency rules as discussed last year - nothing major or pressing so I'll read through this thread, see what the suggestions were and change accordingly.

All other rules should be the same.

Note: this post will be copied and edited to the OP (first post in the thread), but only the OP will be updated with trades/changing draft order due to trades. Check the OP, not this post on page 47.

Dad's Army - @Ozil Picks: 1, 17, 33, 49, 62, 65, 73, 74, 80
Chardee MacDennis - Cudi Picks: 2, 34, 50, 63, 86
Deadly Dunkley - Deadly Dunkley Picks: 3, 4, 9, 18, 19, 25, 35, 41, 51, 82,
BOG - BRWB Picks: 26, 56, 64,
Steamers - BenF Picks: 5, 21, 53, 66, 75
Sharkey's Mutts - Sharkey66 Picks: 8, 22, 38, 54, 67, 76, 81, 83, 84
Slam dunk the funk Pugz89 Picks: 7, 23, 37, 39
Bontastsic: JAMES_B_101 Picks: 6, 24, 28, 40
Stringer Ding Ding - grassman75 Picks: 13, 46, 55, 68, 77
Casted Dispersions - Dannnnnnnnnn Picks: 10, 20, 36, 42, 52, 69, 78
Slam Dunkleys - Speedymeloni Picks: 11, 27, 43, 57
Hot dogs - hot dogs Picks: 12, 44, 87
StringyDogs - StringyDog Picks: 29, 45, 58, 70
Fiesty Pups - Dogs_r_barking Picks: 14, 30, 59, 71, 85
Hot Stuff - threenewpadlocks Picks: 15, 31, 47, 60, 72, 79
Dogs - Unknown Caller Picks: 16, 32, 48, 61

Confirmed trades:
Casted Dispersions gives/BOG gets: Will Langford and Pick 57
BOG gives/Casted Dispersions gets: Pick 52

Dad's Army gives/BOG Gets: Sam Kerridge, Connor Menadue
BOG gets/Dad's Army gives: Pick 66, 74

Slam dunk the funk gives/Fiesty Pups gets: Lachie Whitfield
Fiesty Pups gives/Slam dunk the funk gets: Lee Spurr and Pick 46

Bontastic gives/Sharkey's Mutts gets: Pick 8, Sam Mayes
Sharkey's Mutts gives/Bontastic gets: Pick 6, Garrick Ibbotson

BOG gives/Slam dunk the funk gets: Jared Polec
Slam dunk the funk gets/BOG gives: Cam McCarthy and Pick 46

Slam dunk the funk gives/Chardee MacDennis gets: Dean Towers
Cardee MacDennis gets/Slam dunk the funk gets: Cam Sutcilffe

BOG gives/Deadly dunkley Gets: Pick 4, Pick 46
Deadly Dunkley gives/BOG gets: Luke Dahlhaus, Pick 63

Chardee MacDennis gives/Deadly Dunkley gets: Pick 18, Dom Sheed, Reece Conca
Deadly Dunkley gives/Chardee MacDennis gets: Brodie Grundy, Ryan Griffen

Dad's Army gives/Deadly Dunkley gets: Peter Wright
Deadly Dunkley gives/Dad's Army gets: Stephen Hill

Slam Dunkleys gives/StringyDogs gets: Matthew Boyd
StringyDogs gives/Slam Dunkleys gets: Jack Newnes

Stringer Ding Ding gives/Deadly Dunkley gets: Pick 9, 25, 41
Deadly Dunkly gives/Stringer Ding Ding gets: Daniel Rich, Luke Shuey, Pick 46

StringyDogs gives/Bontastic gets: Josh Bruce
Bontastic gives/StringyDogs gets: Billy Longer

Hot Dogs gives/Bontastic gets: Pick 28
Bontastic gives/Hot Dogs gets: Tom Hickey

Slam Dunkleys gets/Steamers gives: Pick 37
Steamers gets/Slam Dunkleys gives: Tom Campbell

Deadly Dunkley gives/Stringer Ding Ding gets: Jamie Elliott
Stringer Ding Ding Gives/Deadly Dunkley gets: Brad Hill

Stringer Ding Ding gives/StringyDogs gets: Josh Kelly
StringDogys gets/Stringer Ding Ding gets: pick 13

Slam dunk the funk gives/Slam Dunkleys gets: Seb Ross
Slam Dunkleys gives/Slam dunk the funk gets: Pick 37

BOG gives/Casted Dispersions gets: Pick 20, Pick 36
Casted Dispersions gives/BOG gets: Pick 26, Nat Jones

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I haven't played Ultimate Footy before...is it as time consuming as Supercoach? Cos I'm keen to have a go but don't want to jump into something else that I can't keep track of without too much difficulty....after all I do have a pieman title to defend as well!


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I haven't played Ultimate Footy before...is it as time consuming as Supercoach? Cos I'm keen to have a go but don't want to jump into something else that I can't keep track of without too much difficulty....after all I do have a pieman title to defend as well!
It's a unique scoring system and the draft takes a while, but week-to-week I'd say it takes less time, though the draft will drag on a bit. I'd recommend playing.
Aug 24, 2012
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I haven't played Ultimate Footy before...is it as time consuming as Supercoach? Cos I'm keen to have a go but don't want to jump into something else that I can't keep track of without too much difficulty....after all I do have a pieman title to defend as well!
Draft aside (which you can set to auto-pick if you want; just make a 'ladder' of your favourite players and it'll pick the one highest on your list when the right time comes along), it's much less time consuming. Team management is much less common and much more difficult as there's only one of each player; you can't just pick up any player you want at any point of the year. Therefore you don't really have to worry about making weekly changes.

It's also much easier for new players to learn. I reached the semis last year and it was my first attempt at UF, and had no clue what I was doing to start with.

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