Ultimate Footy VIII - 2020

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Jan 4, 2015
AFL Club
So, 00Stinger, once again congrats on the win (you bastard!)

Other notable mentions are as follows:

League medal - Los Habaneros (B.Grundy) El Gringo
Best Name - Swimming & Tits Hotdees
Worst name - Marc's team Marc_Remillard

Also remember this is now a keeper league, you keep 2 players for the next season and the draft order for next year is:

1. Deesfantheman DeesFanTheMan
2. Kentfaced blitznu
3. Discovery Channel Marlowe
4. Dwarf Boys TheDarkDwarf
5. Swimming & Tits Hotdees
6. Out of Harmes Way mrpez
7. Los Habaneros El Gringo
8. American Gawnage AmericanAFL
9. Norf Haverbrack Dory_77
10. Whiteboard Wednesday (Friend of mrpez
11. Marc's Team
12. Southern Stingers 00Stinger

Thank fu** that season is over!


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