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Oct 23, 2018
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Hey everyone,

Just coming here for some advice on coaching.

This season is my second year of coaching footy and this year I have a new team with all players who have never played before.

I am coaching under 9s and todays match most just stood together in a group not wanting to get into the game and play. They were calling for the ball by standing.

What can I do? The backline wont man up either which is why they kick so many goals against us.

I don't want to be too harsh because they are under 9s and it was for many their first game but we do need to improve and we do need to think of something to get some motivation there.

If anyone has suggestions to help me let me know here or DM me. :)
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They'll improve quickly!

First thing is they have to learn how to get the ball. Coming out of Auskick everyone gets their own footy and they all have their turn to kick, mark, handball, whatever. The competitiveness doesn't come naturally to some kids. Not all of them would have played endless scratch games at recess and lunchtime like we all did. We were seasoned footballers by Under 9 level whereas some of today's kids wouldn't have ever kicked a football outside of their designated Auskick hour.

Do lots of activities at training where it's one-on-one or two-on-one. Kick the footy towards these small groups (on the ground, in the air, off to the side - mix it up) and they have to compete against each other to get the ball back to you.

Do you have another parent or two to help? Having two or three groups is better so there's less waiting around.

Setting it up so that the coach is kicking out from goal and these little groups have to compete then try to score a goal is even better.

Scratch matches at training too. With you out there umpiring/coaching. Sounds like they're unfamiliar with the game so the more they play it the better.


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Sep 27, 2016
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All about the fundamentals (marking, kicking, handballing, tackling, blocking)!
If you can get a couple of parents to help you at training so you can focus more one on one time that'd be preferable too.
I'd also rotate kids round positions pretty frequently to keep them interesting and stop them from developing the mindset that they should only be playing one position.

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Oct 6, 2009
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So you've mentioned these individual aspects:

- Not getting involved enough
- Calling for the ball by standing
- Manning up

Address each aspect one individually through numerous game type drills...what drills or games you use does not matter, even if you just make them up, and they don't literally have to be footy specific either - you're training a concept that you can draw on/back to on game day (Archie remember that shadowing drill we did thu? do that in the backline this quarter! etc)

Don't even tell them they were bad at these things either (negative experience) and maybe not even tell them what you're trying to teach them, at least initially, just what the end result should be (find a man each within 5secs off the whistle going off etc)

Make sense?


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Jul 26, 2016
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It takes time and patience. At that age - experience, aptitude and attention and skill levels will vary
Encourage them if defending they need to be next to their opponent at all times
Encourage the forwards to run and lead.
As mentioned - groups of two side by side contesting for marks one on one is good.
Practicing short 10 to 15 metre kicks in a triangle formation to players who are leading is an easy drill.
Rotating positions is a great tool as gives them the chance to learn all playing aspects.
If you think any of your defenders could be mids throw em in and have a couple of your mids as running back flankers
Always have one of your biggest and best kickers doing the kick outs in defence

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