USA Union Pacific Curtails US Fertilizer Shipments before spring planting.

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Mar 18, 2022
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Shortages of and rocketing price of fertiliser, Fuel prices skyrocketing making farming more expensive, tens of millions of turkeys, chickens being slaughtered on suspicion of bird flu, eggs shortage as a consequence. Meat prices doubling, Farmers being paid to plough crops back in, container ships not getting unloaded, trade embargo with china meaning many varieties of canned goods not being imported into the US, all points to a future food shortage in the US. If there was a mega disaster, the US historically as 90 days of food at any time before rationing would take place. China has 18 months now due to its stockpiling of food. They own over half the worlds grain supplies. Whats going on?

CF Industries: Union Pacific Curtails Fertilizer Shipments, Delaying Deliveries and Preventing New Rail Orders from Being Taken​

CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CF), a leading global manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products, today informed customers it serves by Union Pacific rail lines that railroad-mandated shipping reductions would result in nitrogen fertilizer shipment delays during the spring application season and that it would be unable to accept new rail sales involving Union Pacific for the foreseeable future. The Company understands that it is one of only 30 companies to face these restrictions.

CF Industries ships to customers via Union Pacific rail lines primarily from its Donaldsonville Complex in Louisiana and its Port Neal Complex in Iowa. The rail lines serve key agricultural areas such as Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and California. Products that will be affected include nitrogen fertilizers such as urea and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) as well as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), an emissions control product required for diesel trucks. CF Industries is the largest producer of urea, UAN and DEF in North America, and its Donaldsonville Complex is the largest single production facility for the products in North America.

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