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In the months following the foundation of 'a truly national' AFL, american sports network ESPN saw ratings of Aussie rules rise and it eventually got to the point where they wanted to create a competition in the US to run during the off season in prime time to test the viability of the sport in the States. Rather than creating meaningless new franchises, the AFL and ESPN decided to approach major league teams to rope fans of already existing franchises to create an instant connection between the fans and the club. After a couple of decades of success and investment in grassroots footy in america, the UFL will expand to 18 teams in 2019, with clubs separated into 3 conferences in order to cut down travel costs for the franchises.


I'll be trying to post one or two designs a day with each team having a home, road and alternate guernsey. This portfolio was a bit of a way for me to test drive my flat portfolio so there'll be a few very traditional designs, but I'd like to think that there's a few fairly interesting designs in here too. I tried to keep the locations fairly realistic of where you would put major league teams, but I also wanted a chance to work with some of my favourite US identities (hence why we are covering all the leagues rather than just one), so if you are wondering why a team from a less obvious city is in there, that's probably why. Also, the populations on all of the presentations are just taken from wikipedia and are just a rough guide only, if you want to contest a particular figure, please know that I'm probably not going to be bothered changing it.

with all that out of the way, enjoy!

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