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Nov 6, 2016
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Gday peoples... I've always worked in relative professional work places where safety is important... but my last job (I quit) safety wasn't the 1st 2nd or 3rd priority.

First off I'm a cellar hand (which isn't dangerous normally) but we do climb into tanks (confined spaces) and the boss did a 20min lecture on how to fill out the forms to enter and use the gas monitor which was illegal (did not have all the gasses we need to worry about in winery).

At the end of the 20min lecture he said we are now qualified to enter confined spaces.. I spoke up (i have previous cellar hand experience 6 years) said no we arnt gas monitor is illegal... plus we need to be trained properly.. by accredit trainers ect..I got told no we don't need to worry about that we are only a small winery :rolleyes:

That put me off side straight away. Refused to enter the tanks. Others didn't care.

Final straw ended up being they wanted me to climb (no harness) up barrels stacked 5 high (roughly 4 and half meters) I said no I'm not doing that bloody dangerous!
So the boss took me aside and tried to put pressure on me to do it.

Gave his little 5min speech about how everyone else is doing it and it's not fair on them that I'm not being a team member.
Once he finished I said no not doing it. (Couldn't believe the boss just tried that shit on me) **** I was :mad:

I did offer to use the forklift get them down and do the work he wanted done but he said that was to slow.

I spoke to the other guys saying they shouldn't be climbing up there but once again got the she will be alright attitude... **** me.

Anyways after that made a few phone calls and 3 days later I quit.
Now at a winery where safety is lol the complete opposite...

Wanted to put a photo of how high the barrels are when stacked 5 high... but couldn't find the photo I took.

Anyone else have story's of dangerous jobs you have been asked to do.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 13, 2015
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Yeh, it felt a bit off to me and it might very well have been deemed ok, but I was a hired hand for a landscaping project and on the first day I got asked to jump into this high pit behind a concrete wall to dig out the water/mud which required harnesses in my opinion, and you don't do that without good procedure, I just said no way! I understand some people approach things like cowboys, but I just rang up my rep and said "I'm out, I have a sore back, can you find me something else", so I just moved on. I went to the boss and said I'm going home sore back.

It's interesting how some people just go along with things, but I just see it as, if it doesn't feel well trained or shown with what I consider proper safety then I'm out, sorry! Next..bye!!! Cya!!! Good day!!


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Oct 3, 2010
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When I was 17 I worked in a stockfeeds warehouse. Old mate who ran the joint would get me on a pallet on the forklift tines, raise me up to the top level pallet (4.5 or so metres) have me grab what we needed and back down again.
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