Up the Arse! Goons Thread

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I thought at first it was a good call by the ref but the more I’ve watched it, you can see Neuer moves his leg towards Saka.
I was the same as this.

In real time, I thought it was the right call. But bloody hell, given that VAR is a real thing, how the hell has that not been awarded!?!?!
It seemed a very quick VAR check (if at all), the final whistle was blown very quickly afterwards. Would’ve been interesting to see what happened if that was say in the 70th minute, not in the final seconds of injury time.

It is what it is now. I’m of the view it wasn’t a penalty however I’ve seen them given. Arsenal however do seem to respond well recently when there’s a sense of injustice/revenge of some kind, so if they’re feeling aggrieved internally at the club perhaps that will be channeled or into the next match.

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I don't see that hesitation at all personally.
I’ve definitely been guilty of doing that in games. It’s a slight enough hesitation as you know you will probably get rounded and you try to adjust. I do still think Saka also leaves his leg in a bit longer too. I just don’t think it’s definitely not a penalty. I think it’s 50/50.
Penalties aside, 2-2 was a fair result. Our mistakes were punished, as you'd expect with CL quarter-finals. Both our goals were borne from electrifying football. Allianz Arena is daunting, but I feel a lot was learned. Next week can't come quickly enough.
The Premier League will use AI-based player tracking technology to make offside calls from next season in a move that should reduce the time it takes officials to reach their decisions.

England’s top-division clubs announced Thursday they reached a unanimous decision on the introduction of semi-automated offside technology, saying the new system is set to be launched during the first half of the season.

“The technology will provide quicker and consistent placement of the virtual offside line, based on optical player tracking,” the league said, “and will produce high-quality broadcast graphics to ensure an enhanced in-stadium and broadcast experience for supporters.”

Semi-automated offside technology was used at a World Cup for the first time in Qatar in 2022. For that tournament, there was a sensor in the ball to track its acceleration but that won’t be the case in the Premier League, which looks set to be more aligned with the system used by UEFA in the Champions League.

The Premier League is due to announce more details on the exact nature of the offside technology that will be used once contracts are signed. Extensive testing and analysis has been conducted this season.

Semi-automated offside technology is already in use in Italy’s Serie A.

Multiple cameras will track player movements and record data points on parts of the body that are relevant for an offside decision. Data is processed with artificial intelligence to create a 3D offside line that is alerted to the team of VAR officials.

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Difficult game to sit through, especially knowing the outcome. Emery is such an enigma. Head to head vs Arteta he has an excellent record. 6 points won from Arsenal this season. Rolled over at City when we needed him to get a result there, then a couple of days after a European fixture they turn up and do Arsenal here. Classic stuff.

2 shots on target for Villa. 2 goals. They did hit the woodwork a few times however which doesn’t register as a shot on target. Cannot fault the winner here, they dominated the second half and Arsenal’s lack of confidence and energy in that second half was concerning.

The match really should’ve been over at half time however. Martinez yes had an excellent match (probably payback for headbutting the ball off the back of his head into the net last season). However Trossard has to score that. He’s lethal in front of goal usually and still the best finisher at t club I’d say. However a metre either side and that goes in, rather than striking it directly at the keeper. Ah well.

Odegaard masterful. Along with Rice I don’t believe we really have a viable alternative at the moment if something happens to him. Remains to be seen how serious his injury is. It’s a concern because of the volume of minutes he’s played, Vieira and ESR are perhaps not even in the frame to step in for him in Arteta’s eyes. Plays a very high energy, pressing game to the final whistle that is taxing on the body 3 times a week. How he doesn’t have more assists to his name is a discredit to the finishing around him.

All teams have blips in the season. Last year it was that second half against Liverpool away that then rolled over into the following 3-4 matches. Season over.

Arsenal have to ensure to compartmentalise it here. Just on this result. The next week I earmarked as the most difficult. An away trip to Munich and then Wolves away on the weekend, that’s the weekend that I thought we would drop points. Especially if it’s a taxing 120+ minutes mid week.

To stumble it here, now, well there’s essentially no margin of error at all now (not that it particularly matters in the end really, as City don’t concede the lead at the top of the table at this point of the year anyway).

All to play for in Munich. How many times I’ve seen Arsenal tumble out of multiple competitions within a week or so, it was almost clockwork during the latter stage Wenger era.

I maintain there’s something palpably different about this current Arsenal iteration. However until they do it, demonstrate it, those questions will linger. They just have to go for it in Munich now. Yes it still likely means City stand in the way again afterwards, however you just cannot fold over now. This morning’s loss I have shades of that loss at home to Brighton 12 months ago. Eerily similar.

I said it repeatedly last season too, you just gotta take care of your own business and take it as deep into the season as possible and not roll over.

Munich mid week is monumental now.
No one stops 115 when they’re in the mood. It’s unfortunate that this extraordinarily good squad Arsenal have put together comes up against 115, who just go to another level at this time of year. All about timing.

Arteta said it in his press conference. In most other leagues, you go on the run we have so far in 2024, and you're probably 6-8 points clear. We don't get that here because Man City has been on the same kind of run. They are inevitable.

Thursday morning we need to come out breathing fire.
Saved one of the worst performances of the season, for the one game this very poor Australian travelled over to the Emirates to see the Gunners play live

I went to the Fulham 2-2 home game where we conceded the equaliser when they had 10 men.

Anyone else on here planning on going to any games, might be best if we sit them out.
Talking of getting over to watch the boys, I know I’ve told this story before but I did manage to get into shite hart lane for the 5-4 win back in ‘04. Absolutely mental. Got a midweek Highbury visit in as well 3-1 v Everton ( league cup tie) The bloke at the ticket booth….” Where do you want to sit Guvnor “ ? I couldn’t spit out “ North Bank please” quick enough.
The 5-4 , I’ll never top that. Four Essendon flags ****ing sweet, particularly’84 ( first one) ‘93 (carlton) But the 5-4 was next level.

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