Preview **UPDATE** Changes vs. Sydney - Saturday 11.45am WST

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Oct 20, 2017
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You really cannot fault his effort, gives 100% every game and never shirks a contest. But he is the worst tap ruckman of the 18 starters in the AFL. And he is limited around the ground. NicNat will pulverise him.

As for the game, we simply have too many in the 22 with less than 60 games under their belts. They will put up a fight but poor disposal will probably cost us. I am expecting a 2-3 goal loss despite the Eagles recent woes.
No way, you'll kill us.
A) we haven't beaten you in years.
B) hardly recent woes, we've been god awful. We never look like scoring, we work so hard to get the ball fwd and then the ball is so quickly transitioned out again and down the ground into the opposition 50.

We'll lose by 20-30 points, we have absolutely no chance of winning.
Swans at $2.5 is the best thing about this game.

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Ambrose Burnside

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Dec 8, 2006
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How long into the game before we take our first long kick down the line?
Not long after a Gaff around the body special is intercepted on our vacant half forward line and the ball is suddenly back in our backline. Hurn will have the blinkers on and down the line it'll come.


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Aug 14, 2004
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Same structure - rebounding defender dropped for not being accountable and replaced by a lockdown type.

The others are like for like and do not suggest any shift in tactical application.

It points towards another disjointed performance. Thankfully the club is playing a very average Sydney team this weekend that is hampered by injury.

Things look set for a low scoring bogfest. The squad looks exceptionally slow on the outside. Sydney will hold extra numbers down back and try catch to us out on the rebound transition. If the team doesn't comprehensively win the clearance battle and hit the scoreboard early I fear it will be overrun during the second half.

Thank goodness the weather is forecast for perfect conditions throughout the match.

We should win, but I don't expect much in the way of excitement other than that.

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Sep 18, 2003
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Not the same without Hungry Tiger. He'd be devo at Waterman getting a game
A word if I may Godfather, Hungry Tiger is now at peace with the Waterman inclusion.


I made a few arrangements.



He has now found himself a new place where he is loved and appreciated.


He looks at home in Chris Waterman's study.
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Nov 4, 2010
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Jetta out means Duggan is more important to the backline, when in reality it's high time he actually steps up and runs through the middle.

He's 23 and has almost played 100 games. Time to stop hiding on the HBF.
Or he could just be, you know, a defender. Took Shep until 24 before he hit his straps in 2015.


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Feb 25, 2010
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Nelson in to do a stopping job on Papley, Shep to go to Heeney maybe?
This is exactly what I was thinking. Nelson to get angry and completely blanket/frustrate Paps. Would be stoked if he can keep Papley to <8-10 touches and a goal. I still can't believe he got 27 and 5 last time around at the SCG. Yuck.

Shep really is our best option for Heeney. Has the fitness and can match him in the air.


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Aug 13, 2014
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Jetta was told he was droppped purely for matchup reasons

Some big tactical changes also to be made this week with midfield matchups and the rotation. Expect a tag or two + very different rotations in there
Papley will run through the midfield at stages. Going to be interesting if they run Nelson up there with him. Would love to see Jacko just smother the life out of him wherever he goes.

With Jetta out and Shep going to Heeney it is absolutely imperative that the other smaller defenders step up to the plate to provide drive out of defence. Simpson and Co have hopefully given them a licence to take it on.

Actually a bit excited to see how we go now. We are bound to have to do it differently to the last few weeks at any rate.

Fire up Eagles!

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