Updated Club Song

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Club Legend
Jan 14, 2016
AFL Club
West Coast
I’d like to get behind anything that gets a message to the club about this song. It was a mistake to not ask the fans and shows that they didn’t learn much from the jumper debacle at the turn of the century.
At the very least we should keep up the whinging on social medai - ALL OF US

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 8, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
I like the first bit with the percussion and the didgeridoo, it gets me kind of excited but the rest sucks.

It's stuck in no-mans land neither a show-tune like the rest of the songs nor a slow, singalong like a European football team.
When I first heard the first 5 seconds with the didgeridoo and the sticks I got so excited we had a new take on a footy song. A bit like Yothu Yindu doing a new footy song aka GWS. I could get behind a new song like this.

I’m bitterly disappointed every time I hear the song.


Club Legend
Feb 20, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
Well I think we can all agree that Birds of Tokyo suck. How about this instead?

That has the same problem as the new version. Both are alright songs to listen to but are no good to chant after a big win. Could you imagine a crowd trying to sing this?

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