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General Information

The BigFooty Crime board is a community that fosters discussion on current and past crimes, some which have social and media notoriety, that attracts the attention of public opinion and discussion on such matters.

Please read these rules very carefully, both the Big Footy Commandments and the guidelines specific to this board. And please remember that all crimes have victims, so we expect a degree of respect in all discussions.

If you are a victim of crime and need support, please make contact with the relevant agency in your state.

The moderators of this board are Kurve Mike__ Chief

Aim of discussion

The purpose of the board is for the primary discussion of crimes, current and past, where each thread will have a prefix (Current, Unsolved, Solved) indicating the official status of the investigation. 'Unsolved' is generally used for cold cases, whereas 'Current' indicates an ongoing investigation/trial process.

Conspiracy Theories

Please refrain from posting anything related to this. Whilst discussion of evidence and conjecture about the solutions to crimes is encouraged, conspiracy theories generally belong in conspiracies-mysteries-and-the-paranormal

Where there is relevant discussion related to a crime that is affected by social morals on crime, public opinion and parliamentary matters, it can be discussed in the relevant crime thread. Broader sociopolitical themes can be found in the Society, Religion & Politics forum.

'Sub Judice'

'Sub judice' means that a case is under consideration by the courts. 'Sub judice contempt' can occur if information is published that may be prejudicial to the court proceedings.

As a general guide, whilst a matter is before the courts, please consider avoiding any posts that include:
  • Commentary on the guilt or the innocence of the accused
  • Details of prior criminal convictions or charges
  • The publication of photos of the accused
  • Any information that has been specifically suppressed by the court
To safeguard your own interests it is recommended that you limit your comments to:
  • objective facts of what has occurred
  • Expressions of grief and anger, condolences to the deceased's family.
  • debate about issues raised by the case (such as public safety)
Please note that the responsibility for the publication of any material rests solely with the individual posting it (i.e. you). If you are unsure if what you are posting infringes sub judice rules, then you may find this site helpful.

BIG Inc. does however reserve the right under the Communications Decency Act (USA) to remove material on the grounds of basic, reasonable decency. Given the sensitive nature of criminal cases, moderators and administrators will exercise that right at their discretion.

The following rules will be in force: effective immediately

Play the ball, not the man.

No name-calling or abuse of posters is tolerated & don't attack the poster that posts something you don't like or agree with.

This is one of the biggest reasons why topics are derailed and closed. If a thread has started to go off-topic, don't add to the problem. Using the excuse 'It was already off-topic' when you receive an infraction won't work.

No dribbling

Posts that add nothing like: ‘hahha’,’lol’, 'Culture', 'I agree', 'Gold' 'Brilliant!' etc are not wanted. Talk about Crime, and use the "Like" button if you agree with a post but don't have anything to add.

This includes the spam posting of the same material over and over again. This is not the way to get a point or opinion across.

Please refrain from derailing a thread with requests to take discussions to private email, it doesn't need to be advertised.


Quite simply: don’t do it. Trolling other posters is not sensible discussion and having the sentence "This is not a troll but..." doesn't exempt it from being a troll.

Publishing posters identities, locations, IP addresses

Discussions on user identities or assertion of user identities with suspects or persons of interest is not welcomed - posters ignoring this rule will be issued with a Serious Infraction

Linking to external media sources

Links to other non media news sites information on the backgrounds, identities, crimes are not to be posted. Please keep links and discussion based on what has been made public.

This includes not posting links to other websites such as;

- Websleuths, Aussiecriminals, or any other non media websites (including but not limited to Facebook, snapchat, Twitter etc) of convicted criminals, those before the Courts or Victims of Crime.

Where you publish information from a recognised media publication, you are required to:

  • Paraphrase or quote only and include a site reference
  • Do not copy and paste the entire article; focus on the main point of discussion/information.

Final words.

From time to time threads have been closed for behavior inconsistent with the expectations and rules. Whilst we want to facilitate (healthy) discussion, we do not want to do it in a way that sees threads closed on the matter.

If you would like moderator decisions clarified or explained please contact the mods of the board by PM. Complaining in open threads isn't the way to go, and might see you lose access/Infracted

Moderators don't necessarily read every post. If you see something that you take offence with or is a breach of the forum rules - use the report post button and someone will attend to it.

Should you have any questions regarding this forum, please contact the following board staff

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