Toast Vale Danny Frawley.

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Oct 11, 2008
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St Kilda
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Sunbury Lions
I think that's what we do well as a city in general. Both the general public and celebrities can be in each others company and there won't be the pestering and that paparazzi element.
In the end we are people first and what we do and who we are is second in such moments.

Especially so with one such as Spud being the focal point and loved by many.

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Nov 12, 2011
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St Kilda
Gotta love him. Could never question his integrity. Richo I'm talking about, in case it isn't obvious.

In his exit of the club he's been classy all the way along. Love him or hate him he's to be held in high regard for his conduct towards the club. After hearing Don Pyke speak about the way the pressure destroyed his love of the game, I feel guilty about the way we treated him on here. I put my hand up and say I wish I'd acted with the same class and dignity he's displayed under massive pressure.

Diehard Saint

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Jan 17, 2016
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St Kilda
In his exit of the club he's been classy all the way along. Love him or hate him he's to be held in high regard for his conduct towards the club. After hearing Don Pyke speak about the way the pressure destroyed his love of the game, I feel guilty about the way we treated him on here. I put my hand up and say I wish I'd acted with the same class and dignity he's displayed under massive pressure.
Nicely said, but we all get overly emotional and occasionally say things we regret.
Don’t beat yourself up, I doubt he would’ve spent a minute on here reading our thoughts 🤣🤣


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Sep 25, 2017
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St Kilda
I got to the ground around 20 mins before the procession. During my 15 min walk to get there, I thought about all the happy times I've done this stroll and how this one was so different. As i started to tear up, I composed myself and kept walking. Once at the ground, the sight of so many fellow sainters, together with Roy Orbison's song Crying playing on the speakers, nearly set me off. Again I could feel the tears welling up and again I held them back.

But, as the hearse made its way round towards me and i started to clap, the sight of Danny's family walking behind became too much to handle. Instead of holding it in, I let it all out, symbolic really, as Danny was never afraid to show his emotions. It was as if Spud had a parting message to me and to others battling with their mental health. 'Mate, it's ok to cry. It's ok to show your emotions. It's ok to reach out and to let people know how you feel.'

Thanks for everything, Spud. Your legacy will live on, and you will never be forgotten. Rest easy mate. See ya on the other side, Captain.


Brains Trust66

Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 31, 2016
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St Kilda
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On way home now. Beers then I'll post some stuff from the day. Didn't think the day would have this effect on me. I've suffered from mental health for 11 years, Wayne Schwass really got the waterworks going when he implored men that are struggling to seek help. I think it was a big wake up call for me. Not saying I don't work on it each and every day of my life, but now I REALLY see the impact my wellbeing has on my loved ones.

RIP Spud. Today was a very emotional day and a beautiful tribute to the legend you became at the mighty Saints.
I was there too , i looked for you but unfortunately i have no idea what you looked like lol . I was out on the ground but had to lie down on the grass because of my back was killing me , unfortunate choice of words , sorry . Had tears in my eyes during the speeches , yeah Schwass really got to me too , he only just got through his speech . Tried to go to bed a couple of hours ago but just laid there thinking for ages so im up again.

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Jun 15, 2019
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St Kilda
I must say how proud I am to Be a saints supporter. even though we have not had a great run these past years. the way the club and supporters have shown there support for the Frawley family and spud himself. It shows to be a saints fan is more then just winning or losing a game of football. We are like a family and all the tough times we have gone through on the field have shown us the way how to show support to someone who is going through a bad period in there lives

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Aug 17, 2015
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Matt Finnis said:
There is no escaping the immense pain our club and our people have felt over the past 10 days.

It was absolutely heartbreaking to lose such a giant of St Kilda, and I suspect we will carry the weight of that loss for some time.

But on Wednesday, as family and friends, former teammates, current players, and thousands of St Kilda supporters surrounded RSEA Park to say goodbye, I was overwhelmed with pride.

The way in which our great club has united to pay tribute to one of our favourite sons will only add to Danny’s legacy and our memories of him.

Yesterday, we were able to share an incredibly special moment.

I know I won’t be alone in holding onto the memory of Danny’s final lap of honour, the heaving crowd forming a guard of honour while the haunting sound of a lone bagpiper carried a true Saint off into the sunset.

Fans of all ages stood as one to pay their respects, a scene mirrored in the gathering of former St Kilda champions.

From Nick Riewoldt to Tony Lockett, Robert Harvey and Ian Stewart, the club’s biggest names were there to honour one of their own.

They were joined by many of our current players, who came to know Danny as an assistant coach over the previous few years.

And making the day possible were countless unsung heroes, volunteers and supporters, who were all in some way touched by a man who always had time for a chat, and made everyone feel like a better version of themselves.

To have players and fans from so many eras demonstrates the enormous impact Danny had on the football club.

And it is why his death has hit us so hard.

To everyone who was present at the ground, or watching on at home, I offer my sincere thanks.

To those who have placed a scarf, card, flowers or other tributes to Danny outside RSEA Park in the past 10 days, again I say thank you.

Spud’s loss has brought with it an unimaginable hurt, but in our moment of grief, the spirit of St Kilda has burned fiercely.

In time, we will find a way to permanently honour the great Danny Frawley, and I look forward to sharing those plans with you all.

But right now, I urge all Saints people to continue to stick together in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Look out for each other as we share our common grief; be the shoulder to cry on, the comforting arm and the listening ear.

And above all, let’s strive to uphold Spud’s ability to see the lighter side of life even in the darkest times. Let’s be proud of those closest to us and inspire countless others to smile, just as Spud did.

Thanks again,

Matt Finnis


Aug 20, 2019
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Brisbane Lions
I still cannot believe spud is gone. It sort of feels like i am in a dream and when i wake
He will still be there. Still stunned actually .
PS i thought you were the best host on sen when you did it. You brought an unique sense of humour thta i truly loved. It has made me realise how important life is and to live life to the fullest as it can end so abruptly.
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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 26, 2008
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Western Bulldogs
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All Bulldogs supporters who have heard it and who continue to watch it over and over on YouTube, will always savor Danny's joyous and maniacal laughter on Triple M after the siren sounded to signal Western Bulldogs had won the 2016 first preliminary final.

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