Vale Graham “Polly” Farmer

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Apr 25, 2011
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It used to be just a kicking game, handballs were something you did out of desperation when you were going to be mugged. Polly put the handball on the map as smart use of the football. Was a mobile ruckman instead of a lumbering Lurch clone.

Captain of multiple successful teams, had 5xWAFL premiershps, 1 VFL premiership, 3 x Sandover medals, 2 x Simpson medals, 3 x All Australian, 10 x Best and Fairest (7 at East Perth, 2 at Geelong, 1 at West Perth).

Coached multiple teams (Geelong, West Perth, East Perth, State of Origin)

Just a wotif... If he were put against rucks today, he'd be sent to WAFL/VFL, he was 191cm and just wouldn't get his hand to the ball - even though he was a big leaping type. But, people are bigger today because of better food and nutrition - maybe he would have been the size of a modern ruck if he grew up in modern times (or maybe he had excellent food/nutrition and basically hit close to his ultimate height).

He consistently makes teams of the century and deservedly so.


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Jan 14, 2012
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I remember my old man spotting him as a teenager - all arms & legs and apparently didn't watch the ball when picking it up -he just knew where it was but he could handball accurately over quite a distance even then (1952).
I was pleased to see him play especially in a grand final as captain coach for West Perth. He was well past his prime then but still an enormously damaging player who could hit hard - just ask Peter Spencer.


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Jan 18, 2002
A bay at Rotto
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The word champion is overused these days, Polly was a champion in the highest echelon.

Very humble, and it just struck me that the 2 greatest rucks I have ever seen ( Polly & TI ), are people who you could walk up to on any street, and have a natter with. No ego ( they had done it all on the field ), remembered where they came from.

One of those players who will be remembered by one name, "there is only one Polly".

A product of Sister Kates.

RIP Polly.


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Sep 29, 2013
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I just have the vaguest memories of seeing him play for West Perth against my team East Freo at Leederville. We lost of course and Polly was a big reason.

RIP Polly.😔

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Jul 1, 2013
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Monday 26th

Used to come into the Pizza shop where I worked and was just a lovely bloke and happy to chat. RIP.

Next statue outside the Stadium should be Polly firing off one of those 30m handballs.

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