News Varcoe's sister R.I.P. Our thoughts with Trav & family

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Sep 29, 2014
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Sorry for intruding earlier. I was deeply saddened when I first heard and was hoping that it was just a bad dream. They are a much loved and respected family in our area and this has stunned a lot of people in the community.
Just a freak accident in an accidental head clash with her own teammate who by the way suffered a fractured jaw and hopefully is getting the help she needs as by all reports she is struggling and not in a great place right now.
RIP Maggie
The other girl had crossed my mind too - she must be taking it hard. I noticed that all the news articles were being careful not to say what happened (presumably to protect the team mate) but I assumed as much........head clash and a bleed was my assumption.

I hope the team mate can work through this in time and not feel (misplaced) guilt but it'll be a hard ask for her. :(

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Tbone McGraw

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Mar 9, 2012
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I just found out about Maggie Varcoe passing and it affected me in a way I haven't been affected in sport since Phil Hughes and John McCarthy.

However this is not about sportspeople, as such. It is about the tragic loss of a life.

I can not possibly give anything further than what has been said on this thread.

I know it might be a tough request but if anyone has Travis's twitter/Facebook account, are they able to pass our messages on.

It may sound inconvient to him and his family but I do know he loves this club, and I heard Jeremy Howe say today that the footyclub was 1 thing helping him cope.

Our messages of support may seem insignificant but I know in extremely tough times, any message of support can help.

Kick It 2 Me

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Feb 21, 2009
Sai Yok Noi
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A very sad time for the Varcoe's and their extended family.

And if Margaret played her football in the same manner as her brother then it was full of good old guts and determination, and every moment she spent on the footy field would've been her at her bravest. She would've done her family proud. Rest in peace young lady.


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Jul 24, 2018
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So sad. Trav gives in so much to the club, no one deserves this to happen to them but he's the least deserving. Such a club man that goes in 100% in every contest.

Condolences to the whole family, I'm sure the Collingwood family will get around Trav and give him all the time he needs.


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Mar 2, 2011
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Tragic. Absolutely tragic.

I'm not sure how much it means right now but all my thoughts are with the Varcoe family in this difficult time. The entire Collingwood footy club is sending whatever support they can.


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Jun 8, 2011
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Just heard about this truly terrible news. May Maggie Varcoe rest in peace. I'm sure our boys and the whole AFL community will get around Travis and his family.


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Feb 13, 2012
Port Melbourne
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Heartbreaking to lose someone so young through playing our great game. My heart goes out to her family and teammates. It must be scary for all involved to have Trav playing also / her team mates and opponents returning to play again. Makes the calls to protect the head even more important.

Hong Kong Pie

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Nov 23, 2015
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Oh jeez, such a sad sad thing to happen. :(

RIP Margaret, and thoughts going out to Trav and all the family and friends devastated by this accident.

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Oct 7, 2001
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Just sh*t.
Playing the game you love shouldn’t mean you lose your life.
Thoughts with all family and friends of the young lady.

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