Vardy and Hickey together - what is the point?

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 21, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
Does our match committee value ruck taps this highly? We are basically 2 men down on the ground with both Vardy and Hickey running around. And they arent exactly dominant ruckman that give 15 taps to advantage throughout a game.

Sure weve been successful with 2 rucks in the past. But Dean Cox rucking with Naitanui is a hell of a lot different to Vardy and Hickey. Cox was like an extra midfielder with how many disposals he got around the ground plus his marking ability. And NicNat hunts the ball after a tap like an extra rover. What the fck do Vardy and Hickey do to deserve playing together in the same team?

Halfway through the 3rd quarter: 5 touches and no marks - BETWEEN THEM!!!


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Brave Sir Robin

Premium Gold
Jun 27, 2008
South Korea
AFL Club
West Coast
I agree with the sentiment but I'm not sure what the alternative was today.

Vardy is too useless this season to ruck for a whole game without Allen supporting (didn't think I'd say that at the start of the year).

Hickey is playing his first game in like a month? They'd be right to question whether he could do the whole game, again, with our backup in Allen out.

Going forward I absolutely hope that we play one or the other though.


Brownlow Medallist
Oct 3, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
West Perth
Because when we play clubs with good around the ground ruckman we need these guys, NN has shown his whole career he can’t stop the good around ruckman. We need them like it or not.

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