Venables concussion


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Mar 11, 2015
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Concussion is a real issue across all contact sports, and could well be a sleeping giant as far as litigation goes.
Should Venables come back wearing a helmet? Will he be forced to wear a helmet by club doctors or has he got the right to decline one?
This is a very grey area within the AFL, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of consistency.
I had/have very high hopes for Venables in a WC jumper, he's quick, great swervability, good mark and kick. But long term health come well before any other considerations. I very interested to see how his career unfolds.

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Jul 3, 2011
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Helmets do fu** all for concussions
This is true. They should really be used for protection against previously fractured skulls as they were protect the bone but they don’t protect the brain.

In fact you could argue they are worse for players as it often gives some players an added level of invincibility in that they will go harder with their thinking it’s protected.

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Apr 1, 2009
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Most of it will probably come down to luck. He could play the next 8 years unabated, or he could be knocked out first game back next year and never return. Seems to be the nature of the beast. Hopefully Lady Luck shines on Venners.


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May 24, 2007
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I think the route we went, not rushing him back will probably see him return and play out a career
I hope so but he may have some long term trauma and ongoing symptoms which is also why he is held out for so long.

This article is interesting and talks about the second impact syndrome

Second Impact Syndrome
Although in most cases, a single concussion is a fairly minor injury and could hardly be considered a life-threatening condition, the rare second-impact syndrome draws attention to the importance of careful evaluation of concussions in all athletes. Second impact syndrome is believed to occur when neurons that have already been placed in a vulnerable state by an initial concussion are exposed to a second, sometimes extremely minor, insult. The second impact appears to cause the affected region of the brain to lose complete control of its ability to regulate the pressure in the brain’s blood vessels. Massive, and typically irreversible, brain swelling and death usually result. Although extremely rare, the risks of second impact syndrome require that any athlete with post-concussive symptoms be carefully protected from further head injury while he/she is still experiencing these symptoms.

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Sep 1, 2014
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I think club did the right thing. One of our higher picks and only promising looking mid we have and plus we had the luxury of being a contending side.


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May 1, 2007
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Really serious issue, obviously, but I think both the club and DV have done the right thing here. Didn’t rush back, watched for any ongoing symptoms, and now can start the preseason he’s effectively missed each year since he came to the club. I have full belief that he will have won many over this time next year. Think personally he’s set for a big year and this was probably a silver lining moment for him that he gets the time to really focus on getting fully fit.

You only have to look at McCartin, who freely admits being able to exploit the preseason testing to be able to play through concussion symptoms to see what happens when players feel they have to push through the symptoms. That’s on club culture, IMO.


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Apr 25, 2012
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That knock he took in the collision was brutal.Replays dont really convey the speed and force of it.
I'm happy the club gave him time to recover and hope it all goes to plan.


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Oct 22, 2012
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Vosso said earlier in the season that venables could have come back and played but we viewed him as a ten year player so time off for the rest of the year was in dans and the clubs intrest .

Great to see there was not any pressure on him to get himself right .

This will probably be his first preseason without any injuries stopping him from attacking it at full tilt .

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