Vents and Regrets Thread 2019 Edition

Shannon Hurn

  • H2TYW was right and I'm a smart Kent for not listening to him but now feel silly

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Sep 29, 2005
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It's so much worse when you get screwed over by players from your own club. Shoutout to Brayshaw you **** stain!
I dont give a fu** who they play for. Its because he has f’ed me before in rnd 1 last year for the same reason. In fact I try to avoid essendon ones coz they barely have anyone relevant really. I needed a mid upgrade in rnd 14 and while my plan was to get sloane the week after I had money just sitting there and thought why not just upgrade now. Bont was cheaper and had a marginally better average of .4 but had been spending a bit of time up forward I thought Merrett had a great game against the hawks. Merrett also had more tons to that point but disaster struck with the little fu** once again. :mad:


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Feb 5, 2018
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Had to decide between Dunkley and Gunston early in the season when they were the same price.
Went Gunston.

Traded Michael Walters after his 50 in round 2 because I was warned about his ability to fluctuate and not play a full season.
Has had a career year and played every game.

Only traded him because I considered Lachie Whitfield the must-have player in the comp.
3 weeks later scored 45 then missed the next 2 games.
Then the collarbone happened.

Was overseas for the last week of the byes and only had access to a shitty local hotel mobile on the way to dinner. Realised I left Sydney Stack on my bench without the E and had 5 minutes to lockout to rectify it. It took a while to actually make the swap so I was pressing like crazy trying to make it in time and accidentally ended up with him as captain right as lockout hit. He scored 70. The week before that he scored 107 and the weeks after he has gone 103, 98 and 106. Any of those would have at least been something tolerable.

Traded in Luke Ryan 3 weeks ago. After a first up score of 114 i've enjoyed back to back 60's and he now averages under 100.

Got Sicily in just in time for his move forward.

Held Gryan Miers for as long as possible until the time was right to trade him to a durable, proven premium forward. Chose Caleb Daniel.

Had Travis Boak for 1 week before the back spasm of death hit him on Saturday night.

Expected Rowan Marshall to be a complete bust and laughed as he was a late out right after everyone traded him in.

Would have copped a forward donut and wasted a trade bringing in Robbie Young after a promising debut. He scored 17. A donut and saved trade would have been better.

Scored 2134 and was ranked 13 969th after round 1. Happy days, decent start.
Had a horror round 2 ranking 104 560 and have played catchup ever since.

Just a couple of doozies from a retrospectively hilarious Supercoach season so far.


Puppies are scary
Oct 17, 2017
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West Coast
Missed the Richmond rookies other than my local knowledge on StackAttack...that 1 day break cost me...:mad:

That was ****ed AFL and I was too busy to research so held my bawlz tight for that one and missed a few gems!!!

Not getting Marshall, I was bullish on him and said he looked like a Pruess type trade IN, well **** me he was better. Gun.

Not getting Miers, liked the cut of his jib in the JLT.

Not unhappy with my rookie choices overall, picked a few dudes like most years.

Then I had a group of injuries/form to my POD types mid season and byes and some bad luck which didn't see me make up the ground I wanted but held and improved.

Overall I didn't miss out on too many must haves rooks and HAIpy with my game, I got off to a belter.

Trades spare still, playing the conservative approach like last year so the year has a few more weeks to pan out.
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