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Mar 29, 2010
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"learnings". And other such buzzwords that creep into our woeful footy journalist troops vernacular.
Watching post game on fox.
Its f*n embarrassing.
Also like the aimless handballing a footy around during promos.
We have undeniably the shittest sports journalism the world over.
Have always hated this, even when I was a kid.

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Aug 17, 2006
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Reading this article from Matt Balmer (Fox Sports)... does anything strike you about his style?

"Ruckman Stefan Martin has battled injuries this season and isn’t getting any younger given he turns 34 in November. He could be pushed for a one-year deal, but it could be down to how his body is feeling"

"Veteran Kade Simpson will be 37 next year, but hasn’t performed poorly this year, indicating he could well receive one final contract at the club."

"Could a change of scenery help Ben Reid’s career? It would have to be considered given Grant Birchall’s excellent season for Brisbane. Reid has been cruelled by injuries, with the tall not playing more than 18 games in a year since 2013. At 31, he might have a couple of years left in the tank if a club thinks they can get him over his injury woes."

He writes like someone who's at about 450 words for an assignment that has a word count of 1000. He's like the written version of Dermott Brereton.

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