VFL VFL 2021

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Jun 7, 2019
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Dogs by 48. Xerri very good; also garner but didn’t see much of him in the last and he has a limp as they shake hands. Atu played lock down on Wallis, so less run this week but Wallis didn’t do much, so that’s a win. Tyson racked it up, kicked a couple so that was solid but Lin Jong still the best midfielder on the ground. Best game I’ve see. From McGinness- busy and had an impact. Spicer can’t field kick to save himself at the minute so there is a LOT of work to do there. Ford industrious and wins his share of contested ball. Will walker quiet - I know he has his supporters, but I don’t see it. Paddy walker doesn’t stand out except for the kick ins; Menadue solid. For the vfl boys, Harry jones, Byrne and matthew walker
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