VFL VFL 2021

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The one true King of the North
Apr 24, 2013
Arden Street Hill
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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Essendon Lawn Bowls Club
Very proud of the VFL team today. The scum came with an intent to physically put them off their game, but that just sparked our boys and they came back with interest.

X put on a clinic, and continually monstered the packs.

Will Phillips was the most composed player on the ground. He made the opposition mids look like the kids.

Eddie Ford brought home the win in the 2nd half, outmarking bigger opponents, kicking 2 goals (should have been 3), and bringing physical heat whenever he was in the vicinity of the ball.

Atu put on pressure in defence and gave us some nice rebounds.

Patrick Walker looked rusty.

Special mention Ben Speight, who provided composure up forward and his experience set up the goal which sunk the scum. M. Walker & Clayton were also influential.

Just a real gutsy old school shinboner win, and all the boys put in. Well done.
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Bleeding Blue and White
Sep 23, 2005
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Arsenal, Chicago Bulls
2021 VFL Mens

Essendon Bombers 4.0 5.1 8.2 11.4 (70)
North Melbourne 3.1 5.5 8.7 12.13 (85)

Essendon Bombers: Ambrose 5 McLarty Smithson Brown Atley Johnson Conforti
North Melbourne: Walker 3 Clayton 3 Ford 2 Speight 2 Appleby Polidoros

Essendon Bombers: Ambrose Baker Thompson Bryan Conforti Atley
North Melbourne: Xerri Phillips Clayton Watkins Gunther Bosenavulagi

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