VFL VFL 2022 [Rnd 20 vs Swans | Sunday August 7 - 11:05am @Arden St]

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Senior List
Nov 2, 2015
AFL Club
North Melbourne
With LDU, Anderson and Simpkin I think we have enough inside mid/grunt. Would prefer Lazzaro and Powell rotating through instead of Greenwood. Obviously not going to happen but that's how I would fit in Charlie


Hall of Famer
Aug 22, 2012
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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West Ham United
Having watched nearly the whole game, I thought I'll give my broader thoughts.

  • The addition of Jones really made a difference to the midfield. Probably still need a bigger body in there to help him as Laz and co are a little undersized.
  • Tyson has been a good addition to the VFL team and provides a mature head.
  • We were really clean in the first quarter and a half in very wet conditions. To the Bullants credit, they slowed us down on transition and cracked in with the contested footy after half-time.
  • CCJ was very good. His tap work was generally good, but his follow-up work was a decisive factor behind the win. He absolutely outworked his opponent, who had a crack, but ran out of gas by the start of the fourth.
  • Matt Walker is having a very good season and could had 6 or 7 goals if he kicked a bit straighter. The scoreline flattered the Bullants a little in the end.
  • Laz was very good with his two-way running and link-up work. Played mostly midfield. He would be wasted on a flank, but not sure if he has the size for inside mid at AFL level. Going as well as expected as a pick 30+ in his second year.
  • Hore was good and his kicking was on point today (it isn't always).
  • Mahoney did the tackling and one-percenters, but also looked genuinely threatening at half-forward. Has the footy smarts and you can see the talent, but I fear his lack of leg speed/agility/size is going to continue hurting his AFL career.
  • McGuiness continued his good form and has had a good month of VFL footy. His spoiling, intensity, rebound, accumulation and defensive craft have all significantly improved. Muffed 1-2 kicks today, but that was more laziness than anything else. Still not sure how he fits into our team.
  • Goater was very clean, composed and strong for most of the match. Appeared to tire as the match entered the latter stages. I personally think he's wasted in defence. A nature mid/winger for mine.
  • I want to like P Walker, but Patrick just seems to coast and plays with questionable intensity. He is a lovely kick and works both ways, but his lack of intensity and poor accumulation means he is only a good VFL player at this stage.
  • Today was Spicer's best game for the club. He was clean, used his pace, his intensity was up, had some good tackles and his finishing in and around the fifty was excellent. One-to-two amateur mistakes and he sometimes doesn't maintain his concentration when the ball is in his vicinity, but overall he is rapidly improving.
  • Bit of a dirty day for Ford. Kicked a nice goal and tried hard, but marks just didn't stick today. Not even remotely concerned. He's going to be a fine player.
  • Atu was good and did his job. VFL is probably his level.
  • Not the best day for showcasing our new interceptor KPD. Dawson did what he had to and his disposal was generally quite good. Only saw one bad handball and that's about it, unless I missed something. He hit long switch kicks and did the neat 20 metre passes too. Still could add a little bit of muscle, but he's a good size. Overall, I wouldn't have any qualms playing him at AFL level this year.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 4, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
He definitely has been busting a nut in the twos. Unfortunately his best position is in the pivot but won’t push anyone in our seniors out, so then we chuck him on a flank and he just can’t play his natural game.
That sounds oddly familiar...

Oh hi LDU what are you doing here? Oh just visiting Powelly for a quick cup of coffee, sounds lovely!

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Premium Platinum
May 4, 2009
North Melbourne
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Indianapolis Colts
Hope Phoenix gets promoted, looks to have put on quite a bit of muscle since his 1st gig in the seniors, well done to him, has some skills we are currently in dire need of


Bleeding Blue and White
Sep 23, 2005
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Arsenal, Chicago Bulls

Saturday, July 2

Werribee v North Melbourne at Avalon Airport Oval, 2.05pm AEST

41. M McGuinness, 31. J Goater, 53. M Hore
HB: 37. K Hayden, 42. K Dawson, 39. F Perez
C: 59. J Lipscombe, 57. C Smith, 49. H Jones
HF: 75. C Weightman, 47. M Walker, 40. E Ford
F: 32. J Edwards, 50. H Dick, 61. M Mitchell-Russell
R: 21. C Coleman-Jones, 33. P Walker, 54. K Answerth

I/C: 58. B Stevens, 60. L Cunningham, 64. W Doquile, 68. J Guthrie, 70. J Watkins
23rd player: 64. W Doquile

EMG: 52. S Collins, 55. C Hinkley, 66. Z Monkhorst, 79. T Howard

INS: 32. J Edwards, 37. K Hayden, 39. F Perez, 59. J Lipscombe, 68. J Guthrie, 75. C Weightman
OUTS: 1. J Mahony, 15. A Bosenavulagi, 35. C Lazzaro, 36. P Spicer, 46. D Tyson, 66. Z Monkhorst

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