VFL matches played (2000-2011)

Discussion in 'Football Statistics' started by Stats Man, Jan 26, 2012.

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    i was wondering where this information may be collated?

    to see how many VFL (reserves) games nick riewoldt, jimmy bartel, dane swan, etc have all played along the way (and vfl reserves games i guess, too).

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    For the timeframe you are specifying, you can use the AFL year books, starting with AFL 2001. As you may be aware, over the years, the annual changed its name from "AFL 2002", "AFL 2003" etc, to AFL Record. If you look through each team's profile at the front section of each book, there is a section titled "Playing List Round by Round" which details what each player did for each AFL round in the previous season. Any VFL involvement is simply denoted with "VFL". This would allow you to count how many VFL games any player had played over the years. If you were after info such as kicks, marks, handballs, I am not sure where this info would be. I have never searched the VFL website.

    The AFL annual began detailing reserves appearances in "AFL 99", so you could also find info on reserves appearances for 1998 and 1999 if you wished to.