Game Day VFL Round 14: Coburg vs Essendon, Coburg City Oval, Sunday 07/07/19, 12:30 PM

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Jan 11, 2007
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Coburg Lions, All Boston sides
Individual reports:

#12 Mark Baguley: A couple of nice things but no forward pressure at all, even Gown was better in this area.

#14 Jordan Ridley: Played the third tall role well, probably needs to step up to second tall against Norf next week.

#16 Josh Begley: Good game, kicked goals, worked hard.

#19 Kobe Mutch: Went off early. If his injuries persist next year he'll be in trouble

#23 David Myers: Can kick a pill. Good, not great.

#24 Jordan Houlahan: Kicked a goal but was meh overall.

#30 Brandon Zerk-Thatcher: Great before he went off.

#32 Noah Gown: Has tools but needs another 2 years minimum playing VFL.

#33 Brayden Ham: Seems to go missing at times, needs to work on that.

#34 Jake Long: Gone. Hope he goes with a VFL flag.

#36 Michael Hartley: Beat McEvoy. His former team mates loved giving it to him and Danny.

#39 Trent Mynott: Seems a bit vanilla at times. Needs to spend more time I50

#41 Ben McNiece: Stroobants beat him but his rebound was solid.

#57 Will Snelling: Was BOG for me, quick, good skills, tackled and found the pill. State League gun.

Bowman was solid, Hocking was good in junk time.

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