VFL VFL Round 14 v Swans - Saturday June 24th. 10:05am. @ AIA Centre

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Who was that that decided to run around his man and kick it inside 50 to 3 swans on their own?
WHE, Markov, Harrison.
All of whom play a diff role to Fin and provide diff skill sets to him
Fin isn’t coming off half back
He isn’t playing as a speedy inside 50 bull who occasionally goes into the midfield

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100%. Not quick, okish by foot but his handball game and in and under is is game. We’d be to slow with all 3
He might have to add a couple more strings to his bow then. Otherwise he's not getting past Mitchell and Adams unless they get injured.
Strong wind has made this a scrappy game to watch.

Thankfully we caught Sydney asleep because they've edged us in general play since half way through the first IMO.
Interested in the updates, on our AFL listed players, but I find the poor ball movement at VFL level hard to watch.
MIA: Draper, Ginni, Freddy, Kelly, Wilson (AFL) Reef, Begg and most of them. We lead but it’s not convincing, we should be killing this mob.

Ginni has a long way to go before he gets back in the AFL, all he’s done is snipe at players, he thinks he’s better than he is and that’s why he’s playing VFL. Fly won’t put up with that.

Edit: I forgot Murley, I didn’t even know he was out there.

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