VFL Statistics - why are they so far behind?

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 17, 2017
AFL Club
I would absolutely love easy access to substantial VFL statistics, but unfortunately most of what you can get is very limited and difficult to come by. The VFL for some inane reason continues to use the outdated GameDay service to manage statistics, and all that their GameDay site makes readily available is the goal kicking tally. You can get decent game stats on the Footy Live application, but can't get season stats.

The SANFL and WAFL both have solid stats areas on their respective websites which makes it easy to analyse players from the second level of football. It doesn't make sense that the VFL is so far behind on this front, when it's supposed to be the premiere league under the AFL and now encompasses the entire east coast. This is the most you can get:


Compared to the WAFL, which has a sortable and filterable table:


Does the AFL just not care about the VFL?

Harlequin Dream

Club Legend
Dec 19, 2016
AFL Club
You can find VFL statistics on phone apps such as the VFL app or the Footy Live app.

I do agree that the lack of stats on normal websites is frustrating.

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