VFL - VFA Greats in John Devaney's new books

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Port Adelaide 1870

Club Legend
Jul 22, 2000
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Hi Big Footy Gang,

Those of you who have any inkling of footy investigation or searching for Footy Facts, would have been very well aware of John Devaney;
John started the World's most prolific Australian Rules Football site called "Full Points Footy".

Perhaps one of the most knowledgeable historians on the planet in regards to Australian Football, John has published a number of books.

He has just released the first Volume of three:

" There is no doubt this series will become one of the most sought after resources on the life and times of Australian Footballers across the Major leagues of Australia. "

Creme de La Creme : Noteworthy Australian Footballers of the 20th Century:


John Devaney

My newest book, the first in a three volume set, has just been published.

Details at: https://www.lulu.com/.../hardcover/product-y92gjm.html....

If you like the post, please take the time to share; it would be very helpful, and much appreciated. Volume two coming in the next couple of weeks or so .....


So make sure you click on the link and invest in this amazing part of Aussie Football History.

AFL, VFL, SANFL, WAFL, TFL, VFA This will be sensational.


Support John, because in the main this is a labour of love: John Devaney is a Football Historian / Author and absolute Treasure to our game.

Port Adelaide 1870

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