Women's Footy VFLW (Final) Invitational Match - Collingwood v GWS Giants @ Victoria Park - 3pm Sunday 11 August


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This is the final of the GWS Giants women's team's five match invitational series, currently sitting with a 4-0 record.

Most VFLW sides have rested their better (or AFLW) talent in these games, except this Sunday when the Pies are coming in with a stronger side with finals around the corner.

Entry is free and this match will follow the VFL men's match between the Pies and the Casey Demons.

*Interesting note: Jess Stramandinoli from Canberra played for the Giants against Essendon, but will line up for the Pies in this match against the Giants!

VFL Women's Invitational Match - Collingwood VFLW v GWS Giants Women's.

Sunday, 11th August 2019
VENUE: Victoria Park, Abbotsford
START and FINISH: 3pm start, finish approx. 4.50pm

Radio - RSN Carnival 2 digital radio in Melbourne, 89.1 FM at the ground and WARFRadio.com
Live Stream - Facebook.com/WARFRadio



B: 52. N. Hales, 12. S. Livingstone, 72. K. Lee
HB: 23. L. Butler, 15. E. Fowler, 32. G. Gourlay
C: 51. A. Curley, 17. S. Chiocci, 35. M. Shevlin
HF: 25. M. Cann, 62. J. Stramandinoli, 63. P. Nash
F: 24. S. Alexander, 46. S. Dargan, 16. K. Lynch
R: 11. E. Hynes, 2. C. Molloy, 13. J. Lambert
Int: 50. G. Buchan, 22. S. Casey, 70. J. Ferguson, 71. G. Lagioia, 1. S. Layton
Emg: 55. C. Bunker, 66. A. Porter

B: 24. C. Hammond, 9. T. Hetherington, 15. L. Whiteley
HB: 21. S. Halvorsen, 28. A. Hamilton, 20. L. Houghton
C: 18. A. Farrugia, 2. A. Eva, 8. L. Steane
HF: 23. T. Mackrill, 6. R. Privitelli, 11. A. Schmidt
F: 30. D. Gisu, 26. J. Parry, 25. I. Nielsen
R: 1. J. Allan, 4. A. Parker, 32. B. Tully
Int: 5. J. Hicks, 12. L. Stephenson, 34. E. Todd
23P: 17. E. Sheeri

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