2nds VFLW R6: Carlton vs Western Bulldogs, Saturday 15th June, 10:30 AM @ Ikon Park (live coverage on YouTube, link in OP)

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Brownlow Medallist
Nov 4, 2003
Earth, near Carlton.
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Tennessee Titans, Tottenham Hotspur

Might need to update the video at some point, as it's currently set to go live at 10:30 PM.

FB: 44. A. Prins, 66. M. Neill, 27. E. Woods
HB: 11. J. Hosking, 55. G. Wright, 20. C. Wilson
C: 10. S. Hosking, 5. A. McKay, 21. N. Stevens
HF: 32. N. Plane, 8. C. Bromage, 7. S. Wright
FF: 18. K. Germanier, 35. M. Clifford, 9. B. Gurr

R: 16. B. Moody, 4. M. Prespakis, 40. S. Mason

Int: 30. T. Cassar, 12. S. Cubasch, 2. M. Jarvis, 24. T. Manson

23P: 82. P. Chisholm

Emg: 1. R. Banner, 50. J. Borg, 41. I. Dakis Rofe, 33. L. Munday

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