Victoria's Next Premier

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Run n Spread

Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 2, 2013
AFL Club
Given all the argy bargy about Covid and posters on both sides of the debate speculating Andrews may soon go who is next in line.

IMO it won't be anyone who is caught up in the Covid bubble. I reckon it is out of 3.

Major candidates:

Tim Pallas = The Treasurer and a safe pair of hands. If things get terminal for Labor he may be cast in the Rudd x 2 roll and be bought in to save the furniture. Would be the logical successor.

Jill Hennessy = Attorney General and building a strong profile. Not really in the Andrews camp too far but the fact she is AG and hasn't really commented on the restrictions may work against her. Youngish and would bring a fresh approach while also been around a while with Ministerial experience so ticks the boxes. My tip to get it.

James Merlino= The fact he is Deputy means he is considered. Rank outsider imo May be seen as too close to Andrews but like Pallas hasn't really been publically caught up in Coivd. Just done the Education role. May get blowback for the school shut down but he could palm it off to health and it wasn't his decision etc.


Norm Smith Medallist
May 13, 2015
AFL Club
Other Teams
Melbourne Victory
You are a braver man than I posting this at a time of Istandwithtrump/Dan nutters/crowd! Hats off...

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