Video Request: The day Fitzroy were robbed.

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Nov 1, 2000
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I realise you're out in Gippsland but you should duck into town sometime and check out the Fitzroy FC (the exact same club that used to play AFL) playing in the VAFA, at Brunswick Street Oval.

Colours, song, home ground, not to mention it IS the actual Fitzroy team. Free entry, too.

western royboy

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Sep 30, 2008
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I reckon it was Umpire Vernon who was the villain in the Carlton game. He paid a stupid free kick against Morrish between wing and half forward for Carlton and then compounded his idiocy by giving a completey unwarranted 50 metre penalty against us. The goal to Carlton put them 6 points up. Roos, Baldwin, Dundas, Morrish all gave the umpire a spray as he ran back to the centre for the bounce, with Roos in particular getting right in his face and the commentators agreed that Roos was right to be angry. All looked lost at this stage, but like a true skipper, Roos goaled shortly thereafter and Dunstan kicked the sealer. We were 4 goals down at 3/4 time and got up by 6 points.

We beat Carlton AND the umpires that day.

I rate that win in the top ten during my time.

P.S. Thanks to Mr. Ripper here are the match details:

1. Round 1, 1993
CARLTON... 4. 2... 9. 6...15. 8...17.10 (112)
FITZROY... 5. 4... 6.10...10.14...17.16 (118)
GOALS: Carl- S.Kernahan 4, Heaver 4, Welsh 4, Gleeson, E.Spalding, Williams, Bradley, Koutoufides.
Fitz- Wheildon 3, Dunstan 3, Sartori 2, Broderick 2, Roos, Seecamp, Wynd, Lynch, Armstrong, Zanotti, Stephens.
BEST: Carl- Williams, Welsh, S.Kernahan, Heaver, Bradley, Silvagni.
Fitz- Armstrong, Dundas, Lynch, Wynd, Wheildon, Roos.
UMPIRES: Callaghan, Vernon. CROWD: 24,823 @ Princes Park

He also rates it as one of our greatest wins, ranking it as our best between 1986 - 1996 and I would agree.

For Mr. Rippers Top Ten go to:

There's some great reminicing to be had there. These results also show that if the AFL had not been actively involved in trying to screw us, but rather extended the sort of assistance that they have subsequently made available to other Victorian clubs, we would not only still be part of that competition, but as Robert Shaw has said, in 1992 / 1993, we had a side that could have developed into serious premiership contenders.
I felt a strong sense of shafting in the ‘81 first semi v Collingwood at the ‘G, I was only a kid but it still stings - ******* Ross Brewer

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