MRP / Trib. Vlastuin off the ball Punch - Result one match suspension

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Are we really endulging making threads about everything that deserves a 50m penalty?
Yes. If you don't think it's worthy of suspension say so instead of playing some victim of Geelong supporters conspiracy against Richmond.
You’d want to hope there’s more evidence for a conviction.

Vlastuin clearly hits his opponent (West), but it is somewhat obscured by the goal post.

Umpire clearly saw the incident and felt it only warranted a free kick.

West got up pretty quickly and played out the game.

Compare with Tom Stewart’s coward hit last week, which half of Geelong was telling us that it wasn’t a coward hit, yet here we have the usual nut job Cat supporters bleating about Vlastuin “coward punching” someone. FFS. At least change the title.
What a shock tigers fans being hypocrites

Behind the ball hit and should be given a week or two for that kind of thuggery

Yeah the extreme hypocrisy of distinguishing what was at worst a light tummy tap from a match-result-altering and extremely dangerous act to knock an opponent clean out.

Love the cat fan hysteria. 😍

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This thread is a f*cking disgrace.

Mods: Can we please change the thread title to exclude the term “coward punch,” as Vlastuin is not a coward.

Change it to "Vlastuin Geelong Punch.” 😂😂

Maybe not Geelong Punch actually. Because then people will think he has elbowed someone who had his eye on he ball to the face at top speed like Patrick “big game player” Dangerfield. Or knocked out a player well after he got rid of the ball like Tom “good bloke” Stewart. Or performed a 35kph headbutt on a player ages after he disposed of the ball like he aforementioned finals specialist Dangerfield. Of fractured someone’s eye socket who was trying to perform a tackle like Tom “media darling” Hawkins. Or caused a serious neck injury to a ruckman by hitting him from behind while his eyes were on the ball, like Rhys “The Answer” Stanley. Or delivered a swinging roundarm to the head off the ball from behind like Gary “Sepember onset leather allergy” Rohan. Or knocked out a guy who had just kicked the ball like Mitch “First Man to Demand a Guard of Honour for 250 games” Duncan.

Just make the thread title "Vlastuin Gentle Persuader."
Mods can you impose a word limit on this guy’s posts?
Not a good look for the game

Need to make a stand and set an example

Not in his character, love the way he goes about it, he would be feeling terrible

Poor example for the kids

Not a dirty play, just poorly executed

Head is sacrosanct

He called player x today to make sure he is ok

Need to stamp this out of the game

If this happened on the street player would be charged with assault

Any mro bingo sayings that i have missed?
Maybe someone down Cryo Corio way can molotov Vlastuin’s house again, we know he deserves it.
With fuel prices the way they are I'd say Vlastuin's house is safe. Not only can they not afford the fuel to lug their 1997 V8 commodore down the Surf Coast highway, I doubt they could even afford the fuel for said molotov.

Personally I think we should chop off the offending hand.

Not making any genuine contribution to this thread until clear vision comes out. Can hardly see anything there, would imagine though that had it been a heavy, head high hit that the umpire would've pulled the notepad out straight away.

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