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Aug 27, 2015
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Philadelphia Phillies, GB Packers
So I forgot that I am down to do this weeks write up and usually I love doing these things but... I've already punched out 60+ hours at work this week and am back at it again tomorrow.

I can still do it but If there is anyone that is really chomping at the bit for a last round match preview - it's all yours.

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Feb 4, 2006
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GldGoldy just reminding you that you're up for the preview for the 1st final vs Brisbane!
GldGoldy just another reminder you're up for the preview for the final vs Brisbane.

I know you said you're a silent reader and dont always log in but just want to give you another tag.

I've sent you a few PMs as well along the way too :)

If you could just even like this post or something so I know you're posting one that would be awesome!

Otherwise ill have to do a rushed job, and no one wants that lol

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