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Jul 16, 2015
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Hello all,

It is that time again to advertise for match preview writers for the upcoming AFL season. Last season, it got a bit messy with COVID and having two matches to write previews for a week, hopefully this season is back to normal.

If you wish to write a preview for this season, please express your interest here, including which Round you would like to preview. If you have no preference, that is fine as well. I will choose for you. There is no strict content criteria for these, so feel free to be as creative and humorous as you like.

It will be first come, first served, so if you really want to preview a certain team, make sure you get in quick.

I will remind volunteers when it is their turn. If it comes to your turn, and for whatever reason, you are unable to do it, please let me know as soon as possible so I can organise a replacement. Otherwise it'll be left to me doing a last minute preview with sh*t calls and lots of typos :D

Community Marsh Series:

Week 3 (Sun 07/03) vs Adelaide @ Flinders University Stadium

2021 AFL Premiership Season

Round 1 vs Carlton @ MCG - Elton Johns Wig
Round 2 vs Hawthorn @ MCG - Meteoric Rise
Round 3 vs Sydney @MCG
Round 4 vs Port Adelaide @ Adelaide Oval - _RT_
Round 5 vs St Kilda @ Marvel Stadium - Wallaby
Round 6 vs Melbourne @ MCG
Round 7 vs Western Bulldogs @ MCG - Soberian Tiger
Round 8 vs Geelong @ MCG - Shadowthorn
Round 9 vs GWS @ Marvel Stadium - harrythetiger
Round 10 vs Brisbane @ The Gabba - lvt06
Round 11 vs Adelaide @ MCG
Round 12 vs Essendon @ MCG - DontArgue4
Round 13 vs The Bye - aislegi
Round 14 vs West Coast @ Optus Stadium - Mister M
Round 15 vs St Kilda @ MCG - Brick Loosener
Round 16 vs Gold Coast @ Metricon - ShadowBoxer
Round 17 vs Collingwood @ MCG - biaseddustyfan
Round 18 vs Brisbane @ MCG - Cdog71
Round 19 vs Geelong @ MCG - Do the Dew
Round 20 vs Fremantle @ Optus Stadium
Round 21 vs North Melbourne @ MCG - Wallaby
Round 22 vs GWS @ Giants Stadium
Round 23 vs Hawthorn @ MCG

Leftovers list:

Meteoric Rise
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Meteoric Rise

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Feb 4, 2008
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I will happily do another one after nailing it with my preview in 2020, where I correctly identified the Hawks 13 flags in 50 odd years as an anomaly in an otherwise baron thousand year era ending some time around the year 2890. Although there was some slight doubt in some people’s minds for a short time afterwards we can see now this prediction is bang on track. 😎

It would be nice to have a new club to expose as frauds this year. I don’t really care which….😁
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