MVP Votes Rd 5 WCE vs. Geelong

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Aug 1, 2009
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West Coast
Feel like Joe Pesci in Casino right now.

5. Cripps - Take these 5 votes and pound them up your ******* ass
4. Gaff - Take these 4 votes and stick them up your sister's ass
3. Cole - Take these 3 votes and stick them up Simpson's ass
2. Sheed - Take these 2 votes and stick them up the match committee's ass
1. Darling - Tried hard
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Brownlow Medallist
May 2, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
Well most lost but here is a go. Players that went in and showed composure while others didnt.

5. Darling worked hard and set an example
4. Witherden stuch at it with spirit
3. Vardy - showed spirit is a losing ruch division
2. Brander put his head over the ball.
1. This is stretching it - perhaps i need to watch the replay. Sadly perhaps Cripps for going in hard or Allen with limited opportunities.
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Hypocrite and Reprobate
Aug 11, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
Good luck finding five in there.

5. Barrass
4. Darling
3. Redden
2. O'Neill
1. Naitanui

These five votes are not worth the same as five votes on another week. Very very very lucky lot here.

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Oct 20, 2017
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West Coast
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Chelsea FC
5. Allen
4. McGovern, did some great things before going off. Beat Hawkins twice in one on ones.
3. Witherden, should've stayed at lions
2. Brander
1. XON

Hated Darlings game, he has was so bad in the second quarter it was embarrassing. Playing for frees, getting pushed off the ball by Kolojadazini. Stand up and use your farkin body, create a farkin contest.
Duggan was awful, his confidence has been zapped by midfield trial. Hasn't worked and now he's looking lost.
Midfield as a whole was shocking, but least be honest they're undermanned and we have a real hole in our depth here. Time to go get a ready made midfielder in the mid season draft. Look no further than Fisher at Swan districts.


All Australian
Jul 28, 2008
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West Coast
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Lincoln City Imps, West Perth
5 or realistically 1. Allen - for kicking 2 goals.
4 or realistically 1. Darling - for staying out there for 100% game time. The only one to do so.
3 or realistically 1. Witherden - for not being as bad as the others.
2 or realistically 1. Brander - for trying at least.
1. Gaff - for gaining the most metres. Possibly the least effective near 500m gained effort in the history of AFL.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 3, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
5. Supporters who actually travelled to Geelong
4. Supporters who knew the result and still watched it on delay FTA
3. Supporters who watched the whole match
2. Supporters who gave up at half time and did literally anything else with their lives
1. Supporters who suspected this was coming and avoided any vision of this game


Old enough to know better, too drunk to try.
Feb 12, 2008
A Quantum Universe
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West Coast
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West Coast Wonders
5. Allen
4. Gov
3. Brander
2. Darling
1. Witherden

******* pathetic.
I know Shuey and Yeo leave a big hole but we've got to get some mids that can with their own ball and distribute under pressure. Trew might become this player but the cupboard is bare. Kelly FFS UGGGH

The Gov

McLovin' it
Jun 16, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
5 - Barrass, thought he actually won his position against Hawkins with ridiculous supply coming in, did well keeping him under 10 goals.
4 - Darling, tried I guess
3 - Redden, actually layed a tackle or two
2 - Allen, seemed to actually care
1 - Naitanui, rucked brilliantly as always but without Shuey or Yeo it was just to a stationary Sheed/Gaff.


Premiership Player
Oct 2, 2008
AFL Club
West Coast
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Liverpool FC, Orlando Magic
6. Badge and the podcast boys for making the game bearable to listen to. I think I would have blown my brains out if I had to hear fox's call of that bloody torpedo goal.

5. Darling (despite that dismal effort, you know the one)
4. Gaff
3. Shep
2. Oscar
1. Naitanui

I don't know


Apr 10, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
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Not worth the same as other games

5. Darling - Could at least see him trying
4. Gaff - Caught holding the ball twice and not very effective but at least ran out the game
3. Allen - Still got a couple goals with zero supply
2. Witherden - Was okay? Considering most of the team were witches hats
1. Brander - Seems to care enough to want his position in the team

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